ABC and 123 Matching Mat

ABC and 123 Matching Mats

I recently bought letters and numbers magnets from the toy section at Meijer for $2 each. I plan to use them on our magnetic white board, but I wanted to find some other uses for them as well. That’s when a blog post I read came to mind. A while back I saw an idea on the blog Mine for the Making for a busy bag where you arrange letters or shapes on a piece of paper and take a picture. Then you crop the picture and print it out. Now your child can do a matching activity with the mat you printed out and the letters or shapes.

I got a white piece of printer paper and arranged all 26 letters on the sheet. Then I took a picture from above. I did the same thing with the number magnets. Next, I brought the pictures up on my computer and cropped the edges so that my table wasn’t showing as much. I also lightened the picture up. I then printed them on cardstock and plan to laminate them as well.

Here are the before and after pictures.

20130804_203618   Letter Mat1 

   Numbers   Number mat1

Now Evan can match the letters and numbers to the mats I made. I’m hoping this is another simple activity he can do with me while I am nursing or holding the new baby.