Awesome Alphabet Activities That Your Kids will Love

Are you looking for alphabet activities that will get your kids excited to learn letters? Check out these awesome alphabet activities!

A huge list of alphabet activities for kids. Hands-on, active and fun alphabet games and activities.

And we are not done yet. This year we will be doing at least one alphabet activity each week as part of the Early Childhood Education Team weekly lesson plans. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this page because I linked to a bunch of awesome alphabet learning posts from the team. I hope this will be a huge resource for you!

Since I have so many alphabet activities and I am going to be adding even more, I made an alphabet activities landing page that you can access from the navigation bar at the top of my blog. It will keep all the posts together and easy to access for my readers. I will continue to add my newest alphabet activities to that page, so you can always come back and find them. So head over to the landing page to see all of my most current alphabet activities!

As you can see, I try to make learning letters fun and engaging for my preschooler. My goal was for him to learn the alphabet and letter sounds while playing and having fun as he normally would.

I prefer to keep our activities focused on a group of letters or the whole alphabet, so you won’t find any letter of the week activities here. I find that this works better for Evan and it keeps us both from getting bored with letter learning. That’s the last thing I want to do!

One of my favorite resources on the topic of teaching letters and letter sounds is a post from This Reading Mama titled Tips for Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds. I agree with her philosophy and the tips are very helpful!

I plan to continue doing lots of activities that will give my son a chance to review letter identification and memorize letter sounds, so stay tuned for even more fun and exciting alphabet activities!