Apple Alphabet Activity: Apple Tree Letter Matching

This fun apple alphabet activity works on literacy skills and fine motor skills with a simple letter matching activity and the use of stickers. It’s a great learning activity for an apple themed preschool week!

Apple tree alphabet activity for preschoolers.

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The theme for this week is apples and I am sharing a literacy activity. Many preschoolers enjoy using stickers and Evan is definitely one of them. With this thought in mind, I developed this idea for practicing letter identification and letter sounds.

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Objective: To work on letter identification and talk about letter sounds while developing fine motor skills.

Materials Needed:

Piece of paper. I have a roll of craft paper and cut some of that off. I would suggest using something larger than a typical sheet of paper, but that will work just fine if you reduce the amount of letters you put on the tree.


Red dot stickers (color coding stickers). These can be found in the office supply section of most stores. Usually they come in a pack with red, blue and yellow. I got mine at Meijer for $2.50.

Lesson Prep:

1. Draw a tree on the paper.

Apple theme alphabet activity for preschoolers.

2. Write letters all over the tree with black crayon or marker. My paper was large enough to draw a big tree and have enough room for all the letters of the alphabet. If your tree is smaller, you can do half the letters or any amount you can fit.

3. Write the matching letters on the red dot stickers.

Red dot stickers for apples on a tree.


I started by asking Evan if he could find the A on the tree. Once he found it, I said the letter sound and a word that starts with that letter.Then I asked him to peel off the “A” sticker and place it over top of the letter “A” on the tree. We repeated this for every letter in the alphabet.

Apple tree letter matching alphabet activity


When he didn’t know which letter it was, I would have him look at the letter on the sticker and then look for the match on the tree. If that is still too difficult for your child, you can help them find the letter on the tree.

Apple tree activity for preschool apple theme.


This can easily be modified for your child’s developmental level. You can use fewer letters, a specific set of letters or you could even match uppercase letters with lowercase letters.

Dot sticker apple tree alphabet activity

Evan enjoyed this so much that he has been asking me to do it again. We have been reading apple books and he learned about Golden Delicious apples. Now he must make an apple tree and use the yellow dot stickers. You could use green dot stickers for green apples too. I hope this is a great addition to your preschool lesson plans!

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