Alphabet Letter Matching Rainbow

This alphabet letter matching rainbow is so pretty while being an effective way to teach uppercase and lowercase letter matches. We even talked about the letter sounds while making it.

Alphabet Letter Matching Rainbow. Match uppercase letters to their lowercase match with this literacy learning activity!

Evan is very proud of the way this turned out. He really loved that the stickers sparkled too. They definitely glisten in the sun and make the final product even more pretty, but I still think this would look awesome with regular dot stickers with letters written on them.

Materials Needed to Make the Letter Matching Rainbow

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Circle stickers in rainbow colors (affiliate) – I got mine at the Dollar Tree and they already had letters on them. Before I found those, I was going to buy this set of dot stickers and write letters on them myself. I am still going to purchase them for other projects because I love that there are so many colors included. I think this would work much better if you are doing this with a classroom of kids because it would ensure you have enough of each color.

This free rainbow printable from The Pleasantest Thing

Alphabet Letter Matching Rainbow supplies

Preparation Needed to Make the Letter Matching Rainbow

1. Print out the rainbow printable.

2. Write the letters you will be using all over the rainbow in lowercase letters.

3. Write the matching uppercase letters on all of your dot stickers.

How to Make the Letter Matching Rainbow

This really depends on how your child works best. At first, Evan just randomly picked stickers and looked for the match on the rainbow. However, this was time-consuming and led to some frustration on his part.

Placing stickers on letter matching rainbow

What ended up working out best for him was to do each color of the rainbow one by one. He looked at the letters on the rainbow and then went to the stickers to look for the match. That way he knew to look for a yellow “h” and then a yellow “e” and so on.

Alphabet Letter Matching Rainbow. Match uppercase letters to their lowercase match with this literacy learning activity!

Peeling off stickers to put on the letter matching rainbow

I did use a lot of letters and I think if we did this again I would use less. If you are doing this with younger children like Evan (he is 3) or children with limited focus, it can be somewhat daunting. Next time I will spread the letters out a little further and use less of them because Evan started to get restless and I ended up having to help him along.

Finished Alphabet Letter Matching Rainbow

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