Beginning Sounds Letter Matching with Clothespins

We have been working on beginning sounds and this beginning sounds letter matching activity was an effective way to practice this skill. I love that we can use it again and again.

Beginning Sounds Letter Matching with Clothespins and Stickers.

I am still sneaking fine motor practice into everyday play and learning. The use of clothespins in this activity was a great way to do that.

I was able to put it together pretty quickly one day and it is something that can be used often. I think it would be a great addition to a preschool or pre-k literacy center. It would last even longer if you laminated it too.

Materials Needed:

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I really like the First Words sticker book! I have used it for lots of different learning activities. The stickers are reusable, so if you are careful, you could use them more than once. They don’t always stay on perfectly and can peel up on the edges a tiny bit, but they still have been a great alternative to purchasing and printing clip art.

Setting Up This Beginning Sounds Alphabet Activity

1. Find a sticker that corresponds to each letter in the alphabet and place them around the edges of the poster board. I could not find a sticker for the letter “q.”

2. Write one letter on each clothespin.

Beginning Sounds Letter Matching Alphabet Activity

Clip clothespin to poster board right next to the matching sticker

At this point, Evan is not able to do this alone. We went through each sticker one by one, identified the beginning sound of the word and then looked for the matching clothespin. Once he found it, he clipped it onto the poster board right next to the sticker.

Clip clothespin with letter on it to matching beginning sound

This beginning sounds matching activity can be used over and over again

This was very effective at reinforcing letter sounds and beginning sound identification. Evan had no problems doing all of the letters in one sitting, so I can safely say he enjoyed it!

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