Blowing Pom Poms Alphabet Activity

We had so much fun with this blowing pom poms alphabet activity! For additional fine motor practice, we used a squeeze bottle to blow the pom poms.

Kids will get fine motor exercise while doing this fun alphabet activity!

This move and learn alphabet activity was so easy to set up and was very engaging for my active learner! He was very focused on blowing the pom poms to the letters on the floor.

Instead of using a straw to blow the pom poms, I decided to use a squeeze bottle so that I could sneak in some fine motor exercise.

Materials Needed:

Pom pom ball

Squeeze bottle

Index cards

Writing utensil

How to Set Up This Pom Pom Alphabet Activity

1. Write a letter on each index card. You can do as many letters as you would like.

2. Tape the index cards to the floor.

How to Play the Blowing Pom Poms Alphabet Activity

Give your child the empty squeeze bottle and instruct them to squeeze it while pointing the nozzle at the pom pom. This will cause the pom pom to move. It is a good idea to let your child practice a bit before you start the alphabet activity.

Squeeze bottle blows pom pom toward letters on the ground

You may want to model how a small squeeze will move the pom pom a short distance and a big squeeze will move it a longer distance.

Then call out a letter and instruct your child to blow the pom pom to that letter. You can either have them blow the pom pom over the letter or, for added difficulty, require them to land the pom pom directly on the index card.

Try to get the pom pom to land on the letter that was called out.

This was lots of fun for both of us! Evan was very excited when he was able to land the pom pom right on the index card. There was lots of cheering and jumps for joy involved!

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