Decorate a Gingerbread Man Art Activity for Kids

Your kids will love this gingerbread man art activity! It’s a fun Christmas collage craft that is open-ended and all about the process. My kids loved this invitation to create a gingerbread boy or girl!

Gingerbread man art activity for kids. A Christmas collage craft for preschoolers.

So many preschoolers love using glue. They just really enjoy squeezing glue out of the bottle. It’s great for fine motor development too!

Gingerbread Man Art Activity

So collages are perfect for them. Anytime I give my kids a bunch of supplies and some glue, they are so excited! I love that they get all kinds of fine motor practice and the chance to experiment with process art.

Gingerbread man process art activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

I think activities like this are a great alternative to adult-directed crafts. Although I gave my kids a specific set of items to use, they were free to create with them in any way they wanted. I didn’t make a gingerbread man first to model how to make it. They just used their prior knowledge to make one of their very own.

Gingerbread collage art for kids.

As result, we had some gingerbread men that looked like you would typically expect, but we also had princess gingerbread girls and gingerbread aliens and more.

I loved seeing their creativity come out. They were super excited to make their gingerbread girls and boys! Despite making several each, my three-year old asked to make more that evening. She spent much of the night gluing pieces to gingerbread cut outs.

Gingerbread man activity for preschoolers. A Christmas arts and crafts activity.

It’s super easy to set up and a great way to engage your kids with art while developing valuable fine motor skills!

An invitation to create a gingerbread man. An engaging Christmas process art activity for preschoolers.

Setting Up the Gingerbread Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Print out the gingerbread man template (found at the bottom of this post) and cut it out. I prefer to print it on cardstock for easier tracing.
  2. Then trace the gingerbread man on a sheet of brown paper.
  3. Stack 5-10 sheets of brown paper underneath the one with the gingerbread man on it and cut them all at one time. Repeat for as many gingerbread men as you would like.
  4. Place all of the other supplies on a tray.

Gingerbread man art for toddlers.

Once you have all of the supplies on the tray, everything is ready for your kids to create their own gingerbread collages. The best part is that you can continue restocking the tray and adding more gingerbread men for as long as the kids would like to come back to this.

I just put the tray up when I don’t want them getting into it and then bring it back down for more creating the next day!

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