Dot Marker Alphabet Hunt

I came up with this dot marker alphabet hunt because my son loves to use dot markers and is always amazed by crayon resist hidden messages. This didn’t disappoint.

Use dot markers to search for hidden letters. This preschool crayon resist alphabet hunt is sure to be hit!

There are so many concepts you can cover with this activity. You can work on letter recognition, name recognition, sight words and even spelling words.

The letters show up more than the photo above implies. I think the lighting wasn’t the best for showing it. In person, you can easily see all the letters with each color dot marker.

The included printable makes it super easy to do this alphabet activity with your kids. I was able to put it together in a couple minutes and with only a few materials.

Materials Needed:

Set Up the Alphabet Hunt Printable

1. Write a letter in each circle on the dot marker sheet with white crayon. You can put a letter in each and every circle like I did or you can spread them out. You can write names and words all over the sheet as well.

Going on a Alphabet Hunt with Dot Markers

I invited Evan to dot the circles with his markers and watched as he discovered the hidden letters. He decided to use a different color for each row.

Hidden letters with white crayon and a do a dot marker.

As he dotted each circle and the letter appeared we mentioned the names of the letters. Sometimes, he told me the letter name and other times I said the name. Occasionally, he or I would mention the sound a certain letter made.

Crayon resist letter hunt with white crayon and dot markers.

This is very open-ended, so you can use it any way you would like. It could even be an independent activity.

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