Fall Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are a great way to occupy little ones and stimulate multiple senses. This fall sensory bottle will engage infants on up to preschoolers.

Fall Sensory Bottle

I decided to make this sensory bottle for my 14 month old, but my 3.5 year old enjoys playing with it as well. When I  did a guest post at Life Over C’s and made this fall sensory bin for Evan, I was so excited about how beautiful and vibrant it was. I thought it would be very intriguing for Alyssa as well, but she puts everything in her mouth still! That’s when I realized that the content of the sensory bins I make for

Evan could also be used to make sensory bottles for Alyssa. She would be missing out on the touch aspect of some of them, but could enjoy the sights and sounds they provide.

Materials Needed:
An empty water bottle with lid
Rice that has been dyed yellow, orange, and red
Pumpkin table scatter gems – found mine in the $1 spot at Target and at the Dollar Tree

Pour the colored rice in the bottle and then added the table scatter. Put the lid back on tightly. To ensure the bottle stays closed you can hot glue the lid on the bottle. Always supervise babies and young children with these bottles.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful fall sensory bottle that will engage young minds and stimulate the senses. As an added bonus, you can turn this into counting game for older children. When Evan plays with the bottle, I ask him to count how many pumpkins he can find in the bottle.

I am also thinking about writing letters on the pumpkins with permanent marker and using it to talk about letter names and letter sounds. Alyssa loves to shake the bottle and listen to the rice and pumpkin gems moving around against the sides of the bottle. I love that I was able to reuse the contents of this beautiful sensory bin.

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