Feed the Bear Alphabet Activity

This bear alphabet activity is an excellent way to teach letter recognition and letter sounds to preschoolers. It’s a great ABC activity for a bear theme!

A bear theme alphabet activity for preschool letter learning!

This bear activity is super simple to set up and lots of fun to play. My son really loved the whole concept of feeding a bear. He was quite amused by it too.

Supplies Needed:

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  • Brown paper bag
  • Printable Fish (link at bottom of post)
  • Black crayon
  • Brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  1. Draw a bear face on the paper bag. Cut out the mouth so you have a hole to insert the fish.
  2. Cut bear ears out of construction paper and glue them on the bag.
  3. Print out the fish. (Link below)
  4. Cut out the fish. You may want to laminate them afterward for extra durability. Otherwise, I would print them on cardstock.

You may notice that the fish I used are different from the ones in the printable I’ve included. That’s because I got them from another website months ago when we did this Penguin Plunge Alphabet Activity. However, when I went to link to them for you for this post, they were no longer available. So I quickly scrambled and made my own for you!

Learning Letters with a Bear Alphabet Activity

I started by telling Evan that he was going to feed the bear the fish, but the bear likes to know what he’s eating so he needed to tell him which letter fish he was putting in his mouth. I also said it would help if he told him the letter sound too.

An alphabet activity for bear preschool theme.

Evan really bought in to this premise. A lot more than I expected. He really felt a duty to tell this bear what he was feeding him. I never had to remind him to say the letter name. He made sure to tell the bear each and every time. He also told him the letter sound most of the time. It was too cute!

Learn the alphabet with a bear activity.

My toddler like to put the fish in the bag as well. I plan on using it to teach her color names. The colorful fish lend themselves perfectly to that.

Bear theme learning activity for kids

I am definitely keeping the bear and the fish, so I can pull this out for an independent activity occasionally. It would be a great addition to an alphabet center too. I have even included blank fish that you can use if you would like to practice number recognition, shape recognition or anything else. I am going to do sight words next time!

Alphabet Fish Printable

Head over to my Alphabet Activities page for even more fun, hands-on letter learning ideas!

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