Festive Food

Festive Food 2

I like to make Evan fun food. He seems to really like it and often requests sandwiches in a certain shape. I see all kinds of really neat ideas on Pinterest, but many of them use supplies I don’t have and ingredients I don’t often have around. Plus, I have a newborn. I need to keep it simple. I cant spend 20-30 minutes prepping a lunch for him. So I have come up with a short list of items that you can easily pick up and that will have big impact on your fun food making.

1. Cookie cutters. This set of 101 cookie cutters is awesome! I only paid $10 and there are so many options. As an added benefit you can also use them for tracing, cutting shapes out of play dough, paint stamping and of course, making cookies.


2. Kitchen scissors. You can find these near the utensils. I like to use these to cut out shapes when I don’t have a cookie cutter that works.

3. Food – sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes, cheese, fruit and vegetables

4. Sprinkles

5. Candy – Mini M&M’s, Regular M&M’s, Skittles, etc.

Most days I just cut out shapes in sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes, cheese, etc. However, if I really want to make it special, I will add some sprinkles or candies. They work great for eyes and other facial details or decorations on objects. Plus, they last a long time if you use them sparingly and don’t sneak them for yourself. 🙂 This is not an every day occurrence and I don’t like to give him a lot of candy, but 5-10 mini M&M’s every couple days doesn’t bother me at all. If it bothers you, you can use fresh or dried fruit and vegetables in it’s place. Use the scissors to cut off tiny bits of fruit or veggies and it will look very similar to sprinkles or candies.

You can use the cookie cutters to cut shapes out of sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes, cheese, and even some fruit or vegetables. The scissors also come in handy with these foods.

That’s it. Just cut out shapes and add some decorations or eyes/nose/mouth and you will have fun food your child will love!