Fine Motor Activity: Brushing Away Alphabet Letters

This fine motor activity was very popular with my preschooler. He was really excited about using a paintbrush on our dry-erase board and in the end it was a very effective way to learn letters while developing fine motor skills.

Brushing Away Letters: Fine Motor Alphabet Activity for Kids

This literacy and fine motor activity is simple and easy to do with your kids, but it is also very effective. On top of that, it is a lot of fun. My son kept asking me to write more letters on the board for him. This is a big accomplishment, because he typically does not like activities that challenge his fine motor abilities. Needless to say, I will be using this activity again soon!

Materials Needed: 

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Dry-erase board

Dry-erase markers


Activity Prep:

1. Write letters or a message of some sort on the board.

2. Put a small amount of water in cup.

Activity Details:

Dip the paintbrush in water and then show your child how to trace the lines of the letters with it. Then give them the opportunity to try. As they are tracing over the letters with the paintbrush, they will be brushing away the letters.

Brushing Away Letters Fine Motor Alphabet Activity

This is a great way to develop small muscle control. This really worked on Evan’s precision and fine motor control, but in a way that was fun and much less frustrating than other activities we’ve tried. The biggest factor with that was the novelty involved with painting on the white board with water. It was very motivating for him.

It was so successful that we will be repeating this again and again!


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