Fruits and Vegetables Beginning Sound Clip Cards

These fruits and vegetables beginning sound clip cards are a great addition to lessons on healthy habits and nutrition. Plus, they work on fine motor skills too!

Beginning sound clip cards that teach letters and letter sounds. These are a great way to teach healthy eating habits as well.

This week the theme for the ECE Team is fruits and vegetables. If you want to start educating your children on healthy eating habits, you are going to love the posts this week! They are excellent activities to go along with a healthy habits or nutrition theme and will open the door for lots of discussion on healthy eating.

Supplies Needed:

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Setting Up the Alphabet Clip Cards

  1. Print the clip cards on card stock for durability.
  2. Cut out the clip cards.

Using the Fruits and Vegetables Beginning Sound Clip Cards

How you use these cards will depend on the abilities of the child you are working with. At this stage of the game, my son was able to do these almost independently and I just checked to make sure he was doing them right. I was there to help on the few occasions when he got a bit stuck.

Teaching kids healthy eating habits with an alphabet activity.

When he first started learning beginning sounds, I would have went through each card one by one with him. If you do this, I would recommend saying the word out loud and emphasizing the beginning sound. Then ask if they know which letter on the card makes that beginning sound. This is actually a great way to begin introducing letter sounds.

Develop fine motor skills while learning to identify beginning sounds. Teaching kids to read is fun!

This was an excellent way to assess my son’s ability to identify beginning sounds! Now that I know that he enjoys them, I will certainly be making more.

Teaching kids to read with a beginning sounds activity.

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