Graham Cracker Reindeer Snacks

I love these easy reindeer snacks made from graham crackers. They use simple ingredients and come together quickly. They are a perfect school snack during the Christmas season!

Graham Cracker Reindeer Snacks. An easy Christmas snack for kids!

I’ve mentioned before that I like to make fun food for my kids. I don’t do it every day or even every week, but I really like to make fun snacks and treats during holidays and special occasions. However, I don’t like to spend a ton of time on preparation, so I always try to come up with easy ideas that come together quickly. These graham cracker reindeer snacks are just that!

Ingredients Needed:

Graham Crackers

Frosting in a squeeze tube – I used chocolate

Small twisty pretzels

Mini M&Ms or chocolate chips

Regular M&Ms – If you want them to have red noses, Christmas colored ones will work better because they have more red M&Ms


How to assemble the reindeer snacks:

1. Split each graham cracker sheet into 2 equal pieces.

2. Turn the graham cracker so that the point is at the top and you have a diamond shape.

3. Put a dot of frosting on each side of the cracker near the top and press a pretzel down on each dot.

4. Put two dots of frosting on the middle of the graham cracker for the eyes. Then place 2 brown mini m&ms or chocolate chips on those frosting dots.

5. Add one more dot of frosting near the bottom point of the graham cracker and place a red m&m there.

6. Place them all in the fridge so that the chocolate will harden up some and all of the pretzels and M&Ms stay in place.


My son loved these snacks! I like that they are slightly more healthy than a typical cookie or cupcake and they don’t require any baking. So if you are running low on time and you need to pull together a Christmas snack quickly, this is the one for you!

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