Handprint Ornament

Handprint Ornament 2

I like the idea of giving the grandparents a handprint ornament for Christmas. However, Evan’s hand doesn’t really fit well on a glass ball and a salt dough ornament would have to be pretty large also. So I decided to go really simple and just put his handprint on paper-cardstock to be exact. It’s almost too easy. 🙂

I painted his hand red and pressed it down on a piece of white cardstock. After it dried, I cut it out. Then I laminated it. You don’t have to do this, but I wanted it to be protected a bit more. You could also use clear contact paper if you don’t have a laminator and want the protection. I wrote “Merry Christmas” and the year on it with green permanent marker. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look green at all. Oh well. Then I used a hole punch to make a hole and looped half a pipe cleaner to make a hanger. That’s it!