Invitation to Create a Wreath with Play Dough

This invitation to create a wreath with play dough is a fun, open-ended Christmas activity that sparks creativity and develops fine motor skills!

Invitation to Create a Wreath from Play Dough. This Christmas activity for preschoolers inspires creativity and provides fine motor practice.

This activity is simple and easy to set up. You can use supplies that you have around the house or ones that can easily be bought at the dollar store. Leave the supplies out on a tray or spread around a table and invite your child to use their creativity to decorate a beautiful Christmas wreath and then do it over and over again.


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Green play dough

Pom Poms

Jingle bells


Foam Christmas stickers (leave the backing on)

Pipe cleaners – we like this tinsel kind


And anything else that you can think of to decorate the wreath

I found a Christmas craft pack at Michael’s that had pipe cleaners and pom poms combined

Activity Prep:

1. Lay all the supplies out on the table along with a picture or two of a wreath if you think your child needs to be reminded of what one looks like.

Invitation to Create a Wreath from Play Dough. A fun and festive way to develop fine motor skills and spark creativity!

I helped Evan form the wreath because he is only 3.5 years old and that task was still too difficult for him. After that, he did the rest on his own. He picked the materials he wanted to use from the tray and put them wherever he wanted.  He would decorate the wreath and then take all the pieces off and start again. He spent a long time creating and making beautiful wreaths. I was truly impressed by his creativity!

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