Kid Made Nativity Ornament

This kid made nativity ornament is inspired by one of our favorite Christmas books, Room for a Little One. I love the way it glows while on the tree!

Kid-Made Nativity Ornament inspired by the book Room for a Little One.

We are joining up with Mama Miss and a bunch of other bloggers to bring you 10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments that are inspired by books. Make sure you check out today’s ornaments below and then click over to see all 10 days!

Our ornament is based on the book titled Room for a Little One. The illustrations are just gorgeous and the text is so beautiful as well. It pulls young readers in and mesmerizes them while sending such a beautiful message.

I wanted to capture the message and the beauty of the book with our ornament and I think we succeeded. The ornament puts the focus on the birth of Jesus and I love that it captures the glow of the stable as shown in the book.

Materials Needed:

3 craft sticks

White tissue paper

Paint – we used brown for the manger, blue for the baby blanket and combined white and orange to make peach for the baby head

Star button

A strand of ribbon or yarn

Low heat glue gun or regular school glue

Ornament Prep:

1. Cut the craft sticks in half

Ornament Instructions:

1. Help your child glue the craft sticks together so that they look like the stable pictured above. If you want it to last, a low heat glue gun is your best best, but school glue should work pretty well and may be easier to use with young kids.

2. Then glue the star button to the top of the stable.

Kid Made Nativity Ornament based on the book Room for a Little One

3. Cut a piece of white tissue paper to fit the back of the stable.

4. Put dabs of paint on a paper plate or tray and use your child’s finger to paint the tissue paper. I used a brush to paint a bit of brown paint on Evan’s pointer finger and then I guided is finger down to the paper. One finger press for each leg of the manger and a swipe across for the bed. Next, I wiped his finger off and added the blue paint to his thumb. Then I pressed the thumb down on top of the manger. Wipe the thumb off and then add the peach to his pointer finger and press down right next to the blue paint for the baby head.

5. Once the tissue paper painting is dry and the glue on the stable is dry, tape the tissue paper to the back of the stable with clear scotch tape.

6. Tape or glue a piece of ribbon to the top of the stable to use as a hanger.

Kid Made Nativity Ornament based on the book Room for a Little One

We love the end result! It looks great on our tree and is a beautiful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

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