Kinetic Sand Alphabet Hunt with Letter Beads

This kinetic sand alphabet hunt is a great way to add some letter learning to your normal kinetic sand play time. It is also great fine motor practice!

Kinetic Sand Alphabet Hunt with Letter Beads

Kinetic sand is still a big hit in our home, so I am still finding ways to use it while doing learning activities. Evan is much more open to any activity that includes kinetic sand!

This was so simple to put together and Evan required minimal support from me to do it. It is a great independent activity for your child to do while you get other things done. It would also be a great activity to add to a classroom alphabet center or literacy center.

Materials Needed:

Kinetic Sand (I used 2 lbs.)

Small letter beads (I used a package of tiny beads I got at the dollar store.)

A piece of paper

A marker

Setting Up the Alphabet Hunt

1. Dump the kinetic sand in a small bin.

2. Sort the beads so that you have one letter bead for each letter of the alphabet.

3. Add the beads to the kinetic sand and mix around so the beads are hidden in the sand.

4. Write each letter of the alphabet on a sheet of paper with a marker.

5. Put the paper next to the bin on a table.

Going on a Kinetic Sand Alphabet Hunt

I told Evan that I hid all of the letters of the alphabet in the sand and it was his mission to dig in the sand and find all of them. Then I explained that he should match each bead to the letter on the paper.

Dig into the kinetic sand and search for the tiny letter beads

He was excited about the alphabet hunt and got right to work. The beads were so small that it was quite a hunt to find some of them, but Evan never got frustrated by it and happily searched for as long as needed.

Match each letter bead to the letters written on the paper

It was also great fine motor practice for him. The tiny beads forced him to use muscles in his hands that he doesn’t often use. It would be an excellent idea to use tweezers to handle the beads as well.

I am definitely adding this to my list of things to whip out when I need to get other things done.

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