Learning Letter Sounds on Alphabet Road

Learning letter sounds doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many fun, hands-on ways to learn letter sounds. Racing cars on an alphabet road is one way!

Learning Letter Sounds on Alphabet Road. A fun, hands-on literacy learning activity

This week the Playful Preschool theme is transportation. The team has a bunch of transportation-themed lessons to make this a week filled with lots of fun and learning!

Evan loves cars and trucks, so using them in an activity was sure to be a hit with him. Since we are still working on learning letter sounds, I decided to develop an activity that would give us a chance to talk about letter sounds while playing.

Materials Needed to Race Cars on an Alphabet Road

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Cars, trucks or any other vehicle – We found that larger vehicles work better for this purpose. The small matchbox cars kept veering off the road and went so fast that they often went past the end of the road.

Colored paper


Prep Needed to Make the Alphabet Road

1. Write one letter on each piece of paper.

2. Make a loop with painter’s tape and place it on the back of each piece of paper.

3. Stick the letter papers to the ground in a row so they form a road.

4. Use more tape at the seams to keep the pieces together, if needed. I used small pieces of clear tape at each seam, so that the cars wouldn’t get snagged on the paper.

Learning Letter Sounds on Alphabet Road. A fun, hands-on literacy learning activity

How to Learn Letter Sounds on the Alphabet Road

Place your car in front of the beginning of the alphabet road. On “Go!” push your truck and watch to see which letter it lands on. When it lands on a letter, discuss which letter it is and what sound it makes.

The trucks didn’t really land on the first few letters this way, so we backed way up or came from the other side of the alphabet road so that we could learn those letters too.

Learning Letter Sounds on Alphabet Road. A fun, hands-on literacy learning activity

Another way to play is to choose a letter you want the vehicle to land on first and then try to get your vehicle to land on that letter when you push it.

We had a bunch of fun learning letter sounds while playing with trucks like we normally would!

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