Pencil Alphabet Puzzles Printable for Back to School

Looking for a simple back to school alphabet activity? These pencil alphabet puzzles are going to be so helpful! Make sure you grab the free printable.

These pencil alphabet puzzles are perfect for your back to school theme. Add them to your alphabet or literacy center in preschool or kindergarten.

You can use printable puzzles to teach a huge variety of skills and subjects. That’s why I made these pencil alphabet puzzles. My kids love doing puzzles and I can teach important skills while they learn in a more engaging hands-on way.

Pencil Alphabet Puzzles

I am starting kindergarten with my daughter this year, so we will use these pencil puzzles during our first week of school. Rather than just talk about letters and sounds or using flashcards or something. I plan to use a few of these alphabet puzzles every day to talk about letters and their sounds.

A fun back to school alphabet activity for kids in kindergarten and even first grade. This would be a great addition to your literacy centers!

If you are worried about kids being able to do these independently, I would suggest making them self-correcting. You can do this by writing letters on the back of each puzzle piece that has a picture on it. For example, you will write a small “Aa” on the back of the puzzle piece with an apple on it. After your students put a puzzle together, they can flip the picture side of the puzzle and see if the letters match up.

The colors also act as an indicator for which pieces go together.

Back to school puzzles for your literacy center in kindergarten or pre-k.

Back to School Themed Alphabet Puzzles

Both of my kids enjoy the challenge of puzzles. So using puzzles to teach skills is perfect for them. These pencil alphabet puzzles didn’t disappoint.

Pencil alphabet puzzles for back to school literacy centers.

My kindergartener enjoyed working on them both with me and her brother and also by herself.

They open the door for us to talk about letters and letter sounds. We try to think of other words that start with the letter we are working on. We repeat the sound over and over as we look for the picture that fits. We just play and learn together!

Back to school alphabet puzzles for kindergarten.

By making them self-correcting, my daughter can also work on them without me. This gives her a chance to work on something engaging while I work with her older brother on other skills.

She loves to surprise me by finding the right matches without my help.

Pencil puzzles for back to school theme activities.

Setting Up Alphabet Puzzles

What you need:

  • Printable pencil alphabet puzzles (link to download is at the bottom of this post)
  • Lamination sheets and laminator

How to prep:

Getting the alphabet puzzles ready to use is very easy. Especially with the free printable I made.

Just print the pencil alphabet puzzles on card stock and laminate them. Then cut them out. If you want to ensure the laminate doesn’t peel. You may want to cut them out before laminating and then cut them out again after laminating.

These pencil alphabet puzzles are perfect for the back to school theme.

You can make them self-correcting by writing on matching letters on the backs of the picture side of the puzzle with permanent marker. Or you can write on the back of them before laminating. I highly recommend you do this, so that your students can use them independently in the future.

I hope your students enjoy these pencil alphabet puzzles this back to school season and that you all have a great year ahead!

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