Playing and Learning with Bunchems

I am always looking for fun toys we can use for playing and learning, so I was really excited to find out about Bunchems. They are great for developing fine motor skills and critical thinking skills. Plus, there are so many ways to use them in learning activities!

A fun new building toy that builds fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, engineering and design skills and more!

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Bunchems are colorful little balls that stick to each other and you can build all kinds of awesome 3D creations with them!  They are very easy to connect, twist and create. While building with them, kids are working all of those small hand muscles that are used for writing and other life skills. I couldn’t believe how great the fine motor practice was!

Develop fine motor skills with Bunchems. A fun building toy that develops pincer grasp and other fine motor skills.

My son had seen commercials for Bunchems and thought they were really neat. I even had them on a wish list for him. So I was excited to get the opportunity to work with Bunchems for this post! He was ecstatic when he found out we got our own set in the mail. He couldn’t wait to play with them and build his own creations. He was really happy to find all of the additional accessories like eyes, legs, wings, hats and more.

Bunchems building toy. A fun way to create!

He quickly decided that he was going to make a dragon. He grabbed a bunch of green and yellow Bunchems and got to work. He even added horns to the dragon’s head. His favorite part (and mine too!) was the fire he had coming out of the dragon’s mouth. It stuck straight out like it was coming at us! He even added some lava in front of the dragon.

Engineering and design with a cool STEM building toy!

While building with Bunchems, my son was doing lots of critical thinking. When he couldn’t get something to stick in place, he had to think about how to resolve the problem. When he tried to get his creations to stand up on their own they sometimes tipped over. He had to think about how to correct this. Should he add more Bunchems to the other side of the creation? What could be done to balance things out? It was an excellent way to develop critical thinking skills and experiment with design and engineering!

Patterning activity with Bunchems

We also used the Bunchems for lots of other learning activities. We practiced patterning while making a snake. I started a pattern and then he repeated it. Then he started a pattern and I repeated it. This went on until we made a super long snake that went from one side of our table to the other. On his own, he decided to count out how many Bunchems long our snake was. We counted 55, not including all of the ones he used to make the snake’s head!

Tracing alphabet letters with Bunchems. A hands-on alphabet activity!

I also pulled out a few of our alphabet sheets and he traced letters with the Bunchems. We’ve used various manipulatives to trace letters before, but this our favorite way so far!

Overall, we all thoroughly enjoyed the Bunchems! We can’t wait to play with them some more. The building possibilities are limitless. I have so many ideas for more learning activities we could do with them!

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