Push Pin Christmas Tree Craft and Fine Motor Activity

This push pin Christmas tree craft and fine motor activity is a great way to develop fine motor skills! It is an open-ended Christmas craft kids will love!

Christmas tree craft with push pins. A Christmas fine motor activity kids will love!

I am sure you may have noticed that we don’t do a lot of crafts around here. My son just doesn’t enjoy them most of the time. However, he absolutely LOVED this Christmas craft!

He was very excited about using push pins because I never let him use them. He also enjoyed the process art aspect of this. He was able to stick the pins anywhere he wanted and was in full control over the final product.

Supplies Needed:

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**Make sure you supervise your child with the push pins at all times. Only you can decide if your child is ready and able to use them appropriately, so use your best discretion. I also did this activity on a craft tray so that all the push pins were contained.**

Push Pin Christmas Tree Craft

A neat open-ended Christmas craft activity for kids!

I started by having my son paint the styrofoam cone with green paint. If you want to keep this really open-ended, you could have your children paint them any color they would like. We then let them dry overnight.

The next day, I gave him a pack of 80 sphere push pins and the painted cone and let him go to town. He was so excited to use the push pins and to decorate it any way he wanted.

Christmas fine motor activity for preschoolers. Using push pins to develop pincer grasp.

He was such an excellent way to develop fine motor skills too! He really worked on his pincer grasp while inserting the push pins into the cone.

Developing fine motor skills with push pins.

He would have done this for even longer, but he ran out of push pins. I wish I would have had more on hand! One neat thing is that you can take the push pins out and redecorate.

Christmas tree craft and fine motor activity!

I have now have it displayed on my fireplace mantel and it looks beautiful!

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