Rainbow Shapes Hunt and Color I Spy Bin

This shapes hunt and color I spy bin was enjoyed by my preschooler and my toddler. My son loved hunting for rainbow shapes and my daughter loved shaking the bin.

Shapes Hunt and Color I Spy Bin. Learn shapes and develop observations and fine motor skills.

This I spy container is easy to put together. You can even modify it a bit if you don’t have all the supplies I did.

Materials Need to Make the Rainbow Shapes I Spy Bin

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Container with lid

Rainbow color pom poms

Colorful shape buttons – I got mine at the craft store for a couple of dollars. You could even draw some on construction paper and cut them out



Crayons – I love these Crayon Rocks because they force him to use a better grip

How to Make the Shapes I Spy Bin

1. Trace all of the shapes on a sheet of paper

2. Add the pom poms and shapes to the container and close it.

Shapes Hunt and Color Fun with an I Spy Bin

Child should look through bin to search for the shape buttons

I invite Evan to shake the container around and search for the shapes hidden inside. I explained to him that when he finds a shape, he should identify the color of the shape, locate it on the paper and then color it the correct color.

Shake the bin around to find the shapes hiding in the pom pom I Spy Bin

He repeated this process over and over until all of the shapes were located and colored on the paper.

Once a shape is found then they should color the shape on the paper the coordinating color

He really enjoyed this activity. He was really excited when he found shapes. The addition of coloring the shapes he found really added to his enjoyment.

My 1.5 year-old daughter also enjoyed shaking it around and looking inside.

While doing this activity, Evan practiced observation skills, critical thinking skills, shape identification, color identification and correct pencil grip.

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