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The Snowy Day

I am finally getting back into the swing of things. For now I think I’ll probably row  a book for two weeks instead of one because it’s hard to make time for it every day at this point. For the last two weeks we rowed The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. We read the book every other day or so. To say  Evan loved this book is an understatement. The whole idea of playing out in the snow and doing all these activities was so exciting for him. He wanted to try them all. And that he did.

Allen took him outside to play in the snow last weekend. It was 41 degrees and sunny outside, but because there was so much standing snow for weeks before, there was plenty of snow left to play in. This actually worked out perfectly because it was warm enough for him to really enjoy the snow.  He made footprints in the snow just like Peter. He even drug a stick around in the snow like Peter did. He also had a snowball fight with Allen. I tried to get him to make snow angels, but he wasn’t a fan of laying in the snow.  He played outside a couple other days as well. One day he made a snowman and he was so excited about it!

20140126_162017 20140126_162852


I also let him bring a snowball in the house just like Peter did. We watched it and talked about what was happening as it was melting. That snow is water and when it starts to warm up, it melts and turns back into water. We talked about how Peter’s snowballs must have melted in his pocket and that is why his pockets were empty when he checked on them.

 20140109_13440120140109_141537 20140109_142255

The next day I brought in a large bowl of snow. He used spoons and a scooper to dig around in it, but his favorite thing to do was smash it with his toy hammer.

20140109_132917 20140109_133714

One day I brought out a new pouch of white Playdoh and we pretended it was snow. We made big snowballs and small snowballs. Then we made a snowman. Evan just happened to stand one of his toy figures on the big snowball and we noticed that it left footprints.  After that, he spent some time stamping footprints into the “snow” just like Peter did. I also brought out the training scissors and let him practice cutting the Playdoh.

20140131_110955 20140131_111145 20140131_111302 20140131_112241

Another day we wadded up clothing items and pretended they were snowballs. He really got a kick out of  it and has asked to play that game again and again ever since. I also made him snowman quesadillas and snowman shaped sandwiches for lunch on a few different days. I even sprinkled some snowflake sprinkles around the plate for an additional touch.

Overall, this was a wonderful experience. The book was the perfect spark for a ton of snowy fun! The 20+ inches of snow that dropped in January definitely added to the experience, but I am ready for Spring now. 🙂