Toddler Survey

One day we went on our first walk as a family of four. Alyssa was sleeping in the stroller and Allen and I were talking to Evan. Allen started to ask Evan questions like “What is your favorite color?” and “What is your favorite food?” At 28 months old, he had recently become able to answer these types of questions and hearing his answers was a real treat. We are starting to see his personality come out more and more. While he was answering all of our questions, it dawned on me that it would be neat to write down his answers and be able to look back at them in the future. That’s when I came up with the idea for a toddler survey.

Toddler Survey 2

My hope is to complete a survey with Evan (and eventually Alyssa) every 3 months or so. At this age, his likes and dislikes change so often that I want to do the survey often enough to really have a good record. I plan to put them in a binder and have them to look back on forever. I also think Evan and Alyssa will enjoy being able to read them when their older. As they age I will change up the survey. It would be great to do this until their adults. What an awesome keepsake that would be!

Here is a link to the survey I came up with.  Right now, it is tailored towards toddlers and very young children.  Hope this inspires you to  complete a survey with your kids!