Tot School Outline – Fall 2013

As I’ve mentioned before, I am due to have a baby in about a month. I also plan to start Tot School a few weeks after that. I know that may be a crazy goal! Anyway, because things are bound to be chaotic for a bit, I wanted to have as much planned in advance as possible.


So I decided to outline our weekly plan from September through December. I’m not planning any further than this because I want to reevaluate and see where Evan is at in December. At this age they change so much, so quickly. I want to make sure I am tailoring the learning to fit his specific needs. Obviously, the Fall outline might change as well, but this gives me enough of a plan without overdoing it.

Each week we will be using a specific book to guide all of our learning. I am using Before Five in a Row (BFIAR) a lot, but we will use other picture books some weeks as well. There are so many holidays during this time of the year and I want to utilize related books and activities, so that prevents us from covering a larger amount of BFIAR titles. I also did a lot of research into the BFIAR books and I feel that many are still too advanced for Evan right now. Although I could read them to him and do some of the activities, I wouldn’t be able to cover them in as much detail as I would like at this stage. As a result, I’ve also added in a few other picture books that I think he will enjoy and I will be able to do more with over the course of a week. Link to PDF below.

Tot School Outline - Fall1

I am beginning with ABC Bunny because I plan to start using ABC activities with Evan. Up to this point, we haven’t done any intentional alphabet education. This will be part of our weekly plan once Tot School begins. I am starting the year out with many of the easier BFIAR titles because this is what Evan (2 years 5 months at the start of school) is ready for. I also picked books that would appeal to him. I want him to be excited about learning and don’t want to feel like I’m forcing anything.

I hope this will help you if you aren’t sure where to begin with BFIAR or how to plan everything out. Using this in combination with my Tot School Planner found here should get you on the right track.  It is my hope that I will be able to share my weekly plan for each book several weeks in advance. That way you can implement the plan with your child(ren) at the same time we are.

If you would like a copy of your own you can download the PDF here: Tot School Outline – Fall

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