Winter Indoor Active Learning for Preschoolers

These active learning games bring the winter fun indoors where it’s warm and give kids the chance to move while learning! They are all fun and playful ways to work on gross motor skills while learning letter sounds, math skills, color identification, science and more!

10 Move and Learn Winter Activities for Kids. Active learning activities that cover math skills, literacy skills, color recognition and even science!

These activities all have a winter theme that really adds to the fun factor. Kids will enjoy throwing pretend snowballs, ice skating indoors and playing with pretend snowmen. When it gets too cold outside, bring the winter fun indoors!

Snowball Throw Winter Alphabet Game. Active winter letter learning activity for preschoolers!

Preschoolers will practice throwing, develop coordination, and learn letter sounds while have a great time when they play this Snowball Throw Alphabet Game

Snowy Mountain Winter Math Activity. Early math game to practice counting and 1:1 correspondence while developing large motor skills.

This Snowy Mountain Winter Math Game is sure to be a hit with kids! Practice number identification and counting while climbing over a pretend snowy mountain!

10 Move and Learn Winter Activities for Kids 1

Kids will have a blast with this science activity from Buggy and Buddy! Explore the relationship between a lever and fulcrum by launching ping pong ball snowmen! 

Practice number identification, work on counting skills or learn addition with this super fun Snowman Toss Game from The First Grade Parade

Practice lots of math skills with this Snowman Bowling activity from Rainy Day Mum

Winter Alphabet Activity: Indoor Ice Skating for Letters. Learn letter identification and letter sounds with this fun, active game!

This Indoor Ice Skating for Letters activity is an excellent way to develop gross motor skills while learning letter sounds!

Snowball Sweep Winter Alphabet Game. Develop coordination and gross motor skills while learning letter sounds!

Grab the broom and a ball and play this Snowball Sweep Alphabet Game. Your kids will ask to play it again and again!

10 Move and Learn Winter Activities for Kids 2

Practice matching objects with this fun Grab Matching Snowflakes activity from Hands On: As We Grow over at

Toddlers and preschoolers will be very motivated to learn colors with this exciting Olympic Snowball Toss game from And Next Comes L

Practice throwing and add in some math learning with this Snowman Slam game from Growing a Jeweled Rose.


I hope these activities help you keep the kids active and engaged with learning this winter!

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