Writing Letters in a Sugar Cookie Sensory Tray

My son had a blast writing letters in a sugar cookie sensory tray! It engaged many of his senses and really encouraged him to practice writing the alphabet!

Learning to write letters with a sugar cookie sensory tray! This is such a fun way to use your senses to learn the alphabet. This would make a great Christmas sensory writing activity!

Evan has shown a lot more interest in writing the alphabet lately. He often asks me to spell things letter by letter and he will write the letters in order on the paper. He still has difficulty forming many of the letters properly and that is to be expected at this age. But because he is so interested in writing them, I thought a sensory writing tray would be perfect for him. And boy was I right!

He loved everything about this. He thought the smell was amazing and loved the colorful sprinkles I added to the sugar. He thoroughly enjoyed running his fingers through the sugar and wrote letters, names and sight words in it.

I even created some fun sugar cookie alphabet cards to go with the activity! I have uppercase and lowercase letters as well as blank cookies so that you can work on numbers, shapes and more! Download them for free below!

Supplies Needed:

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Setting Up the Sugar Cookie Sensory Tray

This comes together very easily!

  1. Mix 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/8 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Add more or less based on preference.
  2. Shake in some colored sugar sprinkles.
  3. Spread the sugar out in the tray. I used slightly less than the 1/2 cup. You want to make sure it is just a very thin layer or it will be more difficult to write in.
  4. Print the cookie alphabet cards on cardstock for durability. You may want to laminate for even more durability. Then cut them out.

Sensory writing tray that is perfect for Christmas or Valentine's Day! Write letters, numbers, sight words and more!

Writing Letters in the Sugar Cookie Sensory Tray

I set the cards in the small sections of the tray and invited my son to write letters in the sugar. He was super excited to get started!

Cookie sensory activity that engages many of your senses.

He started by just randomly picking out letters and writing them in the tray. Eventually, he decided to write names of family members in the tray. I helped him pick out the letters needed and he used them as a guide.

Writing activity for preschoolers and kinderga.rten students

I also plan to use the tray to practice sight words this week! My son was very happy when I told him I was keeping the sugar so that we could do this again soon!

This writing activity engages sense of sight, sense of touch and sense of smell.

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