5 Kindle Apps that Teach Letter Sounds and Phonics

I love to use technology while teaching my preschooler so I recently went on a search for Kindle apps that teach letter sounds and phonics. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the choices available to me. Here is a list of my favorite apps for teaching your child to read!

5 Kindle Apps that Teach Letter Sounds and Phonics

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I listed the games in order of progression. The first games listed teach letter sounds and phonics and the last few teach how to put sounds together to form words and other higher level reading skills. Prices are subject to change. They are current at time of posting.

Starfall ABCs – This is the perfect app to begin with. It goes through each letter individually and teaches the letter sound and words that start with that sound. I really like how repetitive it is with telling the letter sounds. Not in a boring way though. It is interactive and includes games or activities for each letter. It costs $2.99.


Abby Monkey: ABCs First Phonics and Letter Sounds School Adventure – This is another wonderful app to start with. It teaches letter sounds in a fun and interactive way and children will love the vibrant graphics. It is used often in our home and well worth the $1.99 it costs, but you can also try it for free first, if you would like.


Phonics: Fun on the Farm – This game is a total hit in our home! My preschooler really enjoys it and I am so thrilled with all of the skills covered in the games. It works on letter sounds, initial sounds, uppercase and lowercase, tracing letters, blending sounds, sight words and much more! It is total steal at $1.99!


Starfall Learn to Read – This moves on from letter sounds to combining sounds to make words. Each section features a vowel sound and includes stories games and activities while working on phonics skills. It is a great next step after mastering letter sounds. The cost is $2.99.


Super Why Phonics Fair – Kids will work on word-building and phonics skills while playing classic carnival games. While playing your child will be learning 30 key word families that are needed to learn to read. You can also purchase an advanced level that includes an additional 30 word families. The cost of the app is $2.99.

I hope this helps you get started with using the Kindle to teach your child to read! Please let me know of any other great Kindle learning apps!