Simple Spring Science and STEAM Activities

These spring science and STEAM activities will make learning fun this spring! From simple science experiments to STEAM investigations, these spring themed science activities are sure to be a hit with your kids. They will have a blast exploring science this spring!

Spring science activities and STEAM explorations for preschool and elementary. These science experiments are sure to be a blast this spring!

Spring Science and STEAM

We have a variety of science activities here on FLK that are perfect for spring. These are some of our favorite science experiments too! We love them because they are so colorful while being very engaging.

Color Changing Flowers Science Experiment

This color changing flowers science experiment is the perfect science activity for spring! It’s super simple to do and the kids will be in awe of the results!

Color changing flowers science experiment for spring.

Grow A Rainbow Science Activity

The kids will use some basic household supplies to grow their own rainbow while learning about capillary action. This relates to plants which makes this science experiment perfect for spring! Plus, the rainbow theme is great for a weather unit.

Grow a Rainbow Science Experiment

Walking Water Science Experiment

This walking water science activity is going to be a great addition to your spring theme! Teach your students about capillary action and how water moves from the bottom of a plant to the leaves and flowers at the top of it.

Rainbow Walking Water Experiment

More Science and STEAM For Your Spring Theme

My kids are very interested in science and love doing science experiments, so I decided to scour the internet for the coolest science activities for spring that I could find.

This way I have a list to turn to when we are looking for fun science experiments and STEAM activities to do this spring.

After lots of research, I compiled this awesome list for kids of all ages

Science and STEAM activities for spring.
Science experiments for your spring unit.
Science and STEM for spring.

We can’t wait to try these experiments and STEAM activities this spring. I hope this saves you time and leads to lots of science fun and learning!

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