Phonological Awareness Activities and Printables

Grab these free printable phonological awareness resources to develop important pre-reading skills in a fun, hands-on way!

Phonological Awareness Activities

Phonological Awareness Printables

Phonological awareness is a critical aspect of reading instruction. Blending, segmenting and manipulating words and units of sound is a foundational element to learning to read. That is why developing phonological awareness is so important.

This page includes free printables that will provide extra, hands-on practice with skills rhyming, syllables, compound words, initial sounds, ending sounds, short vowel sounds.

These hands-on activities are perfect for independent practice after you have taught these skills through listening and speaking.

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Phonological Awareness Printables and More!

We compiled all of our phonological awareness resources here, so you can quickly and easily find the resources you need, when you need them.

We are always adding more resources for teaching phonological awareness, so I highly recommend you bookmark the page and come back as needed.

Syllable Clip Cards

Syllable Clip Cards

These free syllable counting clip cards help develop phonological awareness in a hands-on way!

Compound Clip Cards

Compound Word Clip Cards

Students will use this resource to practice blending smaller words into one bigger compound word!

Crayon Rhyming Puzzles

Colorful Crayon Rhyming Puzzles

Your kids will have a blast with this colorful and simple to prep puzzle activity.

Rhyming CVC Clip Strips

Rhyming CVC Clip Strips

This fun rhyming activity has 15 clip strips for practice with CVC words.

Rainbow Rhyming Clip Strips

Rainbow Rhyming Clip Strips

Your students will develop important pre-reading skills while playing with rhymes in this fun rainbow theme version of the rhyming clip strips activity.

Fall Leaf Rhyming Task Cards

Fall Leaf Rhyming Task Cards

The fall leaf rhyming task cards activity come with 16 cards to work on. Each card features CVC words for simple practice!

Snowball Rhyming Strips

Snowball Rhyming Task Cards

The snowball rhyming task cards activity features CVC words for easy and fun practice!

Gingerbread Phoneme Segmentation Mats

Gingerbread Phoneme Segmentation Mats

This gingerbread activity gives students a hands-on way to practice segmenting words with 3 and 4 individual sounds.

Winter Snow Globe Phoneme Segmentation Mats

These snow globe phoneme segmentation cards will help your kids build phonemic awareness this winter.

Ocean Fish Rhyming

Ocean Fish Rhyming Clip Strips

While engaging with this ocean fish rhyming activity students will listen for rhyming words and begin developing their phonological awareness abilities.

Fall Pumpkin Rhyming

Fun Fall Pumpkin Rhyming Clip Strips

This fun fall pumpkin version of the clip strips will help kids learn rhyming words and phonological skills to boost their literacy confidence.

Rhyming Digital Activity

Rhyming Words Activity for Google Slides and Seesaw

Are you looking for a digital rhyming activity? This rhyming words activity for Google Slides and Seesaw are sure to be a hit.

We hope you were able to find helpful phonological awareness activities that you can use for extra practice in your classroom.

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