Colorful Crayon Rhyming Puzzles

Add crayon rhyming puzzles to your literacy centers or small groups for a fun way to develop phonological awareness in pre-k or kindergarten.

Free printable crayon rhyming puzzles phonological awareness activity for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Crayon Rhyming Puzzles Activity

Most kids enjoy puzzles, so these were a no-brainer to create! They are colorful, fun, and simple to prep. What more do you need from a rhyming activity to put in your centers?

While engaging with this activity and listening for rhyming words, students will begin developing their phonological awareness abilities. This is an essential part of becoming a strong reader and writer.

Kids will match the two images on the crayon to make a rhyme! They don’t need to read anything as this activity is an auditory exercise. They will say the words out loud to listen for the rhyme.

There are 18 different rhyming puzzles included in this resource. 12 of them feature CVC words and the remaining 6 have long vowel sounds.

Hands-on rhyming activity for developing phonological awareness in a hands-on way.

Setting Up This Rhyming Activity

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Supplies Needed:


  1. Print the crayon puzzles onto card stock.
  2. Laminate the pages if you would like to.
  3. Cut out the crayons and then cut across each crayon on the jagged line that divides them.

Note: If you laminate first and then cut the puzzles, the lamination may separate. If you want them to last longer, print the puzzles, cut them out, and laminate the individual pieces. Just cut along the puzzle edge as close as possible without separating the plastic of the lamination.

Store the puzzles in storage bags or photo boxes. Label them on the top, and you’ll have easy access to them any day of the year.

Practice rhyming and develop phonological awareness with this crayon rhyming puzzles.

Differentiating the Rhyming Puzzles

The puzzles come in 4 different colors, this will help students narrow down their rhyming choices so they don’t get overwhelmed.

I also recommend limiting the number of puzzles as you see fit for your students. As they get better at rhyming, you can add in more pieces.

They are perfect for students to practice independently, with a partner, or in a small group. You can even utilize them during whole group instruction.

A hands-on rhyming activity that gives kids a fun way to practice finding rhyming words.

Self-Checking Rhyming Words Practice

Make the cards self-checking by adding the same number to the back of each piece of a complete puzzle to show a correct match. For example, write the number 1 on the back of the “hat” piece and the “cat” piece.

When students have made their choice, they can flip the pieces over to see if the numbers match.

Rhyming puzzles for your phonological awareness centers or small groups.

Add them to your literacy instruction for lots of hands-on practice with rhyming! Your kids will love these rhyming puzzles to practice rhyming words in a fun, hands-on way! With quick prep and engaging practice, learning to rhyme couldn’t be more simple.

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