Free Printable CVC Word Building Strips for Kindergarten

Help your students practice their early literacy skills with these CVC word building strips. Decoding words with this activity is fun and hands-on!

CVC word building activity for kids. Shows a CVC word picture and then 3 blank boxes to build the word in.

CVC Word Building Strips Activity

These CVC word building strips are going to be a hit in your classroom! With phonics instruction being such a big focus in the primary grades, it is important to have engaging and effective activities for your students to work on their skills.

This CVC word strip activity provides great practice in and of itself, but also lends itself well to differentiation in many ways.

Your students will gain confidence in their decoding and spelling skills as they sound out the word to match the picture. With words for each vowel sound, you can be sure your students are getting the practice they need.

If they need more practice with certain vowel sounds, you can easily focus on those words alone or have them take on the challenge of all of the vowel sounds. The possibilities are endless!

CVC word building strips for literacy centers in kindergarten or first grade.

Prep Once and Go!

These word strips for building consonant vowel consonant words are simple to prep! Once you have them prepped, they are ready to go for the year and you can use them in many ways.

All you have to do is print and laminate the word strips included in the activity. Then, cut the word frame strips apart. If you plan to use the included letter tiles, you will need to cut those out as well and store them in a zip-top baggie.

You may choose to keep the strips separate based on the vowel sound. You can paperclip all of the strips for each vowel sound together and put all of the CVC word strips in a zip-top baggie, along with the letter tiles.

With so many word strips included, you can cut down on the amount of copies you need. You may only need 1 or 2 copies of this activity for the whole class, especially if you plan to use them for a literacy center or partner activity. (Bonus: By laminating them, they are super easy to wipe off or sanitize!)

Hands-on CVC activity for kids.

Differentiating With CVC Strips

As mentioned above, there are so many different ways these word strips can be used. The activity itself can be differentiated as well as the level of difficulty. Here are some ideas for differentiation with these word building strips.

  • Use them individually, with partners, during literacy centers, or in reading groups.
  • Use magnetic letters to build the words.
  • Write the words with dry-erase marker.
  • Hang the strips on a magnet board to make magnetic word strips.
  • Make the word strips double-sided to save paper and give students two words at a time.
  • Write a sentence using the word.
  • Write the word and a rhyming word.
  • Assign students certain vowel sound CVC words.
  • Assign students all CVC words.

Setting Up the CVC Word Building Activity

Supplies needed:

  • Word building strips
  • Letter tiles OR magnetic letters
  • Dry-erase markers (optional)
  1. Print and laminate the strips and letter tiles (if using the letter tiles)
  2. Cut the strips apart.
  3. Store the letter tiles in a zip-top baggie if using.
Learning to read and spell CVC words with a hands-on literacy activity.

Using the CVC Word Building Strips

To use the CVC word strips, students will look at the picture shown on the strip and determine the word. Then, they will build the word with either the letter tiles included in the activity or magnetic letters by placing one letter in each box on the word strip.

It is good practice to encourage the students to sound out and blend the word as they build it and read the word again after it is complete. Teach them to reference the picture to see if the word matches. This makes this activity perfect for self correcting as the students will often catch any mistakes when decoding and reading the word and checking the photographic image.

If you wanted to challenge the students, this is the point where they could write the word with their dry-erase marker or even write a sentence using the word in a journal or on a whiteboard.

Make learning to read fun and engaging with this CVC activity.

These CVC word building strips are both effective and simplistic, but will be sure to captivate your students as they decode, build, and read words. This activity will be a great addition to your classroom as you can continue to differentiate and change it up as the year goes on.

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Looking for an online version of this activity? Check out the CVC word building activity for Google Slides or Seesaw!

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