Fun Science Experiments for Kids

These science activities and science experiments are sure to be a hit with kids in preschool and elementary! You will find so many easy and fun science projects that require just a few items found around your house.

Exciting science activities that your kids will love! These simple science experiments and STEM activities are sure to engage and excite your kids.

From lava lamps to magic milk to eruptions and more, these simple science experiments and STEM activities will WOW the kids and keep them engaged.

So pick a science activity and try one out with the kids today!

Best Science Activities and Experiments for Kids

My kids love science activities and so do I, so we find ourselves doing them quite often lately. I love that they are learning while having so much fun.

Science experiments are a great, hands-on way for kids to explore scientific concepts. They are super engaging and exciting, so kids are really drawn into learning.

Plus, I find that they learn more when they are engaged with interactive, hands-on ways.

The experience becomes more memorable than simple reading about science or doing a workbook page on a scientific concept.

I really try to find science experiments that are simple and use supplies we already have or can easily get. I find that the easier they are to set up, the more we do them.

So if you are looking for simple science fun too, these will be perfect for you.

Science Experiments That Will Excite Your Kids

If you want to excite your kids and explore scientific concepts, then you will definitely want to check out these simple science activities!

For each experiment, I explain the science behind them. So not only will the kids explore science in fun, engaging ways, but you will easily be able to explain the “why” behind each experiment.

Grab some simple household supplies and you will be well on your way to lots of science fun with kids.

This list of science activities and experiments is sure to save you tons of time when planning science lessons for your students.

Top 20 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Rainbow Walking Water Experiment

1. Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment

This might be our favorite science experiment! This Rainbow Walking Water science experiment will be a favorite for both kids and adults alike! We couldn’t believe how fast the water traveled up the paper towel and mixed the colors!

Skittle Science

2. Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment

This Skittles Rainbow science experiment is fun and easy! It comes with a free recording sheets too.

Lava Lamp Science Experiment

3. Lava Lamp Science Experiment

Your kids will absolute love this Lava Lamp Science Experiment! This one is always a hit for our kids! You just need water, oil and a surprise third ingredient!

Oobleck Science Activity

4. Oobleck Science Activity

This oobleck recipe makes a great science activity for kids! With the correct ratios and just 2 ingredients you will be ready for lots of fun sensory play.

Magic Pepper Experiment

5. Pepper and Soap Experiment

This may be the easiest science activity on this list and your kids will love it! They may even think it is magical. That is, until they learn the science behind this Pepper and Soap science experiment!

Color Changing Flowers

6. Color Changing Flowers Experiment

We love this Color Changing Flowers experiment! It’s super easy to do and the kids will love watching the flowers change colors. This is a perfect spring activity!

7. Fireworks in a Jar Experiment

Your kids will really love watching the colorful reactions in this fun Fireworks in a Jar experiment.

This magic milk science experiment is sure to WOW your preschoolers!

8. Magic Milk Science Activity

This Magic Milk science activity always amazes the kids! You’ll just need a few household supplies and milk to get started with this simple and fun experiment!

9. Floating Dry Erase Marker Science Activity

This floating dry erase marker science activity is super fun! You just need dry erase markers and water!

Fizzy Rainbow Science Experiment

10. Fizzy Rainbow Science Experiment

This Fizzy Rainbow Science Experiment will bring some fun and color to your kids day! This just takes a few simple ingredients you probably already have.

11. Catapult Activity

This catapult activity is a fun and easy STEM activity that your kids will love!

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

12. Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Your kids will get a kick out of watching Dancing Raisins in this simple and fun science experiment!

Color Wheel Science Experiment

13. Disappearing Color Wheel Science Experiment

This disappearing color wheel science experiment is a fun way for kids to explore light and physics!

Rain Cloud in a Jar

14. Rain Cloud in a Jar

This Rain Cloud in a Jar science experiment gives kids a chance to explore rain and clouds in a hand-on, fun way!

Leak proof bag science experiment.

15. Leak Proof Bag Experiment

This Leak Proof Bag science experiment will wow your kids. All you need is two household items and you can do this fun experiment too!

Paper and Water Experiment

16. Keep Paper Dry Under Water Science Experiment

This simple keep paper dry under water science experiment is a blast. Your kids will be amazed when the paper doesn’t get wet!

Grow a Rainbow Science Experiment

17. Grow a Rainbow Experiment

Grow a rainbow with this fun experiment! All you will need is markers, a paper towel and two glasses of water! Your students will be amazed to see capillary action at work with this experiment.

18. Oil and Water Science Activity

This Oil and Water Science Activity is an easy experiment that your kids will really enjoy. Any time our kids can squirt water with droppers they always have a great time!

Dancing Corn Science

19. Dancing Corn Science Activity

This dancing corn activity is incredibly fun! All you need is a few ingredients from around your house!

Chromatography Science Activity

20. Chromatography Science Activity

This chromatography science activity is a fun way to learn about separating colors using coffee filters and markers.

More Fun Science Activities!

I hope you were able to find some amazing science activities to do with the kids! We have been having a blast with them, so I hope your kids will too!

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