Free Boom Cards

These free self-checking Boom Cards will make learning math and literacy skills both fun and effective!

Free Boom Cards

What are Boom Cards?

Boom cards are interactive digital activities that are often self-checking! They are hosted on the Boom platform which allows teachers to create or purchase digital activities and assign them to their students.

A group of slides are often called a slide deck. A slide deck is very similar to a group of task cards. Only these task cards are paperless and done digitally instead.

Why You Will Love Boom Cards

      • Easy to differentiate - You can assign different decks to students. Plus, you are able to customize decks in a variety of ways. You can hide specific slides that you don't want to use, set how many cards from each deck you want them to see per play, choose if you want students to see the correct answer after giving up on a card, and more! *Note: Students must be logged in for these settings to be utilized.
      • Audio Instruction - Another key area is how easy Boom Learning makes it for creators to add audio. Many decks give verbal instructions and guidance throughout the lessons! Perfect for students who are distance learning or working independently!
      • Interactive - They are also fantastic when it’s come to interactivity. They have made it incredibly easy to drag moveable pieces to the correct spots. No need to double click and no worries about accidentally resizing pieces like in Google Slides.
      • Self Checking - Boom Cards absolutely stand out above the rest with their ability to instantly give students feedback on their answers. This not only gives them accountability while working independently, but it also makes the activities much more effective!
      • Saves time - For a very reasonable price, you can get a paid account that tracks student progress. The cards are automatically graded and you can see how each student did on every slide in the deck. This will save you SO much time!

Free Boom Cards

We are currently working as fast we can to create new Boom Card activities that you can use with your students! So, bookmark this page and come back frequently!

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I hope this helps you plan lots of fun, engaging learning activities for your students.

These boom cards will make distance learning less stressful and more effective!

Free Boom Cards

This deck includes 15 rhyming word work task cards. Students will use a picture of words such as “cat,” “truck,” and “cake,” to determine words that rhyme with them. The boom cards have a picture of the word along with the word in audio. Underneath the picture are three objects. Students will use the slides in an interactive way by dragging a checkmark from the side over the picture that rhymes with the word and illustration on the slide. This allows them to practice their rhyming skills along with sounding out words. Click here to get the free deck!


This deck includes 17 cards. This interactive CCVC and CVCC activity will make learning phonics skills an engaging, hands-on experience. In the first half of the activity, students will work on consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant (CCVC) words. In the second half of the activity, they will build consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant (CVCC) words. Click here to get the free deck!

Bug Jar Counting

This bug jar counting activity is a fun way to practice learning to count to 20. This activity is very self-explanatory and easy for your students to use. All they must do is grab the bugs and drag them over to the jar. To begin, students will go to the first card and look at the number in the top left corner. Once they have identified what number it is, they will drag that many bugs over to the jar. This continues until they have gone through all of the cards you have assigned. Audio instructions are included on each card. Click here to get the free deck!

Shape Clip Cards

This deck includes 17 task cards. If you are looking for a fun, hands-on way for students to learn shapes, you are going to love this shapes activity! This activity works a lot like traditional “clip cards.” They are set up similarly and students use a “virtual” clothespin to mark their answers on the card. Audio instructions are included on the cards.

Click here to get the free deck!

Beginning Sounds

This paperless beginning sounds letter matching activity is an interactive, digital version of our printable beginning sounds letter matching mats. This version is perfect for use during blended or distance learning when students may not have access to the physical mats and letter tiles. Audio instructions and audio for every picture included. Click here to get the free deck!

Compound Words

Are you teaching your students about compound words? This activity makes learning this skill fun and engaging. This deck includes 12 compound words task cards. Drag a check mark over to the picture of the compound word represented. Audio included for the two compound pictures and audio instructions included. Click here to get the free deck!

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