20 Editable Sight Word Games to Make Learning Fun!

These editable sight word games are so much fun and super simple to prep! Just type in any words you want and all 20 sight word activities will be auto-filled!

They would be perfect for literacy centers or small group instruction. The kids are going to have a blast learning sight words in fun, hands-on ways!

Editable sight word games that are so much fun! Just type in your words once and all of the games will auto-populate! These sight word activities are perfect for preschool and kindergarten!

Editable Sight Word Games

Do you want the kids you teach to learn sight words while having fun? If so, these editable sight word games are just what you need.

They make learning sight words engaging and fun while also being very effective. Forget the flashcards and the worksheets and use these fun sight word games and activities instead!

Many of the activities incorporate fun manipulatives as a means for getting kids involved and excited about the activity, but most of the manipulatives are things you probably already have around your classroom or can get easily at the dollar store.

The activities include sensory experiences, gross motor movement, art and fun games!

Almost every activity includes a recording sheet or is done on a sheet that can be turned in. These are optional for most activities, but do give kids extra practice with writing the words, which can be very helpful.

Sight Word Activities

This swat the sight word game is so much fun!

1. Swat the Sight Word

One of our absolute favorite sight word activities in this pack is this Swat the Sight Word Game. Children will pull a card from the pile and swat each letter that spells the word. It’s really fun!

This sight word whack a mole game is a fun gross motor game.

2. Whack a Word

Another really fun game in this pack is this Whack a Mole game. Children will flip a card, find the matching mole card on the table and whack it with a toy hammer. The kids loved it!

A fun word work slap game that is perfect for literacy centers!

3. Sight Word Slap

Kids will spin the spinner and slap the corresponding card. It’s an exciting kinesthetic way to learn sight words.

Sight word color by code activity that uses dot markers!

4. Sight Word Color by Code

Kids will use dot markers or crayons to color the dots according to the code on the page. When they are done, the mystery image will be revealed.

Sight word sandwiches game for literacy centers.

5. Sight Word Sandwiches

Kids will have a blast following the recipe cards and making sight word sandwiches!

6. Secret Code Sight Words

This activity is awesome because it uses a special phonics font. This means you can use any words you want and the secret code auto-populates! It’s really cool! There are two versions of this activity. One where you build the word on the secret code cards and one where children just crack the code and write the word.

Hands-On Word Work Activities

Sight word safari read and write the room activity.

7. Sight Word Safari

Hide the safari animal sight word cards all around the room or outdoor space and invite the kids to go on a safari! Children will locate the animals, read the word on the card and then write the word on their recording sheet.

Feed the bear sight words for a fun way to practice!

8. Feed the Bear

Kids will read the word on the salmon, write it down, and then feed it to the bear. If you want to skip the recording sheet, they can simply read the word out loud and feed it to the bear. Continuing until there are no words left. This is also something that can be done over and over.

Feed the unicorn sight word game.

9. Feed the Unicorn

Similar to the bear version above, kids will read the word on the magic air, write it down and then feed it to the unicorn.

Go on a treasure hunt for words with this fun sight word hide and seek game.

10. Sight Word Hide and Seek Treasure Hunt

This is such a fun and simple way for your students to learn sight words. Place the word cards in a pocket chart. One student gets to hide the treasure behind one or two treasure boxes while the other students turn around so they can’t see. Once the treasure is hidden, the other students will guess which treasure box the gold coin is hiding behind. The key is that they must read the word out loud and not just point to the card. This way they get lots of practice reading the words. It comes with a neat recording sheet that helps them keep track of their guesses. Kids absolutely love this!

Editable dinosaur word work board game.

11. Dinosaur Sight Word Game

This dinosaur board game gives students lots of practice reading sight words while playing a fun game.

Read words while puddle jumping with this gross motor game.

12. Sight Word Puddle Jump

The kids will have a blast jumping from puddle to puddle while reading the sight words! Then they can use the recording sheet to write the words too.

Engaging Sight Word Games

Dig in the sand and find sight word treasure with this fun sensory bin!

13. Sight Word Treasure Hunt

Hide the gold coins in some kinetic sand or another sensory bin filler and invite them to search for sight words. When they find one they will read it out loud and place it in the treasure chest. Then they will write the word on one of the coins on the recording sheet.

Editable race and read word game.

14. Race and Read Sight Word

In this activity kids will drive mini cars around the race track while reading the words they land on.

Your kids will love fishing for sight words with this fun activity!

15. Fishing for Sight Words

This classic activity is always a favorite with the kids!

Combine literacy and math with this word work addition activity.

16. Sight Word Addition

This activity also uses a special font that looks like letter tiles. The words will auto-populate in the left column. Then students will write it and finally add up the values on the tiles. It’s a fun way to combine literacy and math!

This editable sight word spin and cover game will make learning words fun and engaging.

17. Sight Word Spin and Cover

In this fun game, kids will spin the spinner and then cover a word on the board. The first player to cover 4 words in a row, wins!

Combine math and literacy with this editable sight word spin and graph activity! Just print and play!

18. Sight Word Spin and Graph

This whole activity takes place on one sheet. Students will spin the spinner, write the word at the bottom of the column it belongs to. Continue until one word reaches the top.

Kids will have a blast writing sight words 3 ways. Read it, rainbow it, reveal it and rotate it.

19. Sight Words 3 Ways

Rainbow write words, magically reveal them and write them sideways or upside with this fun sight word activity!

Editable sight word read it, build it, write it mats. A fun, hands-on way to learn sight words!

20. Read it, Build it, Write it

Kids will read the word, build it with magnetic letters or another alphabet manipulative and write it at the bottom. Just slip into write and wipe pockets and it can be used over and over again.

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