Free Number Sense Activities and Printables

Are you looking for free number sense activities and printables to teach number sense to your students? This list is exactly what you need!

Number Sense Activities and Printables

Free Number Sense Activities

This list of number sense activities is going to save you tons of time while engaging your students with lots of fun, hands-on activities that will help build their number sense.

There are activities that cover everything from number identification to counting, subitizing, number order, comparing sets, decomposing numbers and more!

Find number sense resources that you can use all year and others that are seasonal and perfect for themed math centers.

Why Number Sense is Important

Giving kids the opportunity to engage with and explore numbers in a hands-on, tangible way is so important to future math understanding. Manipulatives are key!

And exploring numbers in a variety of ways is crucial because every student is different and when given lots of different experiences they can develop number sense in ways that work best for them.

Plus, students need to be able to think flexibly about numbers and develop fluency, so repeated exposure is so important.

The ability to see connections between numbers will come as students spend time engaging with numbers in a variety of hands-on ways.

Number Sense Skills

  • Counting
  • One to one correspondence
  • Number recognition
  • Subitizing
  • Composing and decomposing numbers (part-part-whole)
  • Comparing numbers/sets
  • Counting on and back
  • Estimating
  • Number formation
  • Mental math
  • Number order
  • Number patterns

List of Free Number Sense Resources

I hope this list helps you plan lots of fun and effective opportunities for your students to develop number sense!

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Number Sense Activities

Printable Number Sense Activities Bundle

These math printables build number sense and cover things like counting, composing and decomposing numbers, reading and writing numbers, ten frames, number bonds and place value to just name a few!

These differentiated number sense activities are hands-on and engaging while being aligned to standards. They are perfect for math centers and guided math lessons. In an effort to save you time, each activity requires very little set up and a limited number of supplies.