Spider Count the Room Free Printable Math Activity

Wrap this free spider count the room activity into your web of resources! Your students will practice counting & writing numbers up to 20 with this cute spider activity.

Free printable spider count the room activity for learning to count and write numbers to 20.

Spider Count the Room Activity

When you download these free spider-themed counting cards, you will be snagging an excellent learning activity for your math centers! The free printable comes with a recording sheet and spider web counting cards up to the number 20.

You will hide the Halloween-themed cards around the room. Then, the students will count the correct number of spiders in the ten frames. Finally, they will find the right match on their recording sheets. This would be a fun activity for Halloween party day to get your little learners moving and learning!

Free printable spider theme counting math activity for Halloween math centers.

Simple Prep

These creepy crawly counting mats are so simple to prepare, and you won’t waste all your valuable prep time creating them!

Print, cut the spider cards apart and store everything in a bag for later use. Copy the correct number of recording sheets you need, and you are ready to go.

The download has two different recording sheets for the different levels of learners in your classroom. This is the perfect addition to your math centers, small groups, or whole class counting activities.

The spider cards could be printed in black and white or color to fit your printing needs.

A free spider counting activity for kids.

Setting Up the Count the Room Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  • Spider Count the Room Activity (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • scissors
  • Clipboards for walking around


  1. Print the spider number cards.
  2. Cut the number cards apart
  3. Laminate for durability.
  4. Decide which worksheet option you want your students to complete (traceable or blank) and print it.
  5. Store everything in a large bag or storage container.

Playing the Spider Count the Room Activity

The spider activity is so simple to use and will make learning to count more fun! To begin, you will need to hide the number cards around the classroom.

Then, the students will move around the room with their clipboard, pencil, and worksheet, finding the number cards. Once they find a card, they will count the spiders in the ten frames. Then, they will find the corresponding ten frames on the worksheet and write or trace the number. They will continue this math activity until they see all the number cards.

Multiple Uses in the Classroom

This freebie will make a great math center for the Halloween season! It could be used for a small group of students that are working on this math skill, early finishers, a tutoring group, or a whole class activity.

For struggling students, you could hide the number cards that they know and leave out certain ones. Some students may be ready to work on all 20 numbers, while others may only be ready to work on 1-10. We have also provided you with two worksheets to help you differentiate! One has numbers to trace, and one is blank.

There is room to write each number more than once. This gives you the option to decide how many times you want your students to write the numbers on the lines.

I hope your students enjoy this spider count the room activity and that it becomes a favorite of yours! Your students will get to practice ten frames, counting, and writing numbers, and you get to spend some one-on-one time with students for extra help.

Click the button below to get the FREE spider count the room activity! Happy counting!

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