100+ Free Printable Phonics Activities for Kids Learning to Read

Are your students working hard on their phonics skills? These hands-on phonics printables, games and digital phonics activities will make your literacy lessons a blast!

Lots of free phonics activities and resources for kids who are learning to read.

Phonics Activities

Phonics is a key part of teaching reading and literacy in the primary grades. There are so many phonics skills that students must master as they become more confident, fluent readers.

In order to keep the learning fresh and exciting, I am rounding up all of the printable phonics activities here on Fun Learning for Kids and putting them in one place for you to quickly find and use them.

Keep these fun phonics games and phonemic awareness activities handy so you can implement new hands-on and digital phonics activities all year long.

What are Phonics Skills?

Phonics skills are the skills that help beginning readers learn letters and understand the link between letters and their sounds.

When teaching phonics, you are teaching students to build letter-sound correspondence. This helps them to sound out words and spell words when reading and writing.

When I begin teaching my students to read, I begin with letter sounds and identifying beginning, middle, and ending sounds.

Next, we apply that knowledge to work with CVC short vowel words and word families. CVC word work activities are a great way to practice blending sounds together to decode words.

Once students are familiar with CVC words, I introduce beginning blends and digraphs. These skills will help students sound out more complicated words and build their vocabulary.

As they work with blend and digraph word activities, they'll be able to add to the word families they know from their CVC word studies.

CVCe long vowel words are next on the list of phonics skills to tackle. I love working on each long vowel sound independently before working on activities that involve mixed practice.

This gives students time to practice each long vowel sound and understand the spelling pattern.

As you can see, there are a lot of phonics skills to teach! The key to keeping students engaged, having fun, and learning is to use games and activities that are interactive and meet them at their level.

Printable Phonics Activities and Games

These hands-on and digital and printable phonics activities and games are going to make teaching these key skills easy for you and fun for your students.

Whatever skill you're working on, teaching situation you're in, or learning style your students have will be met with many activities to choose from.

From printable phonics activities to editable games and digital activities, you'll find teaching resources to meet the needs of you and your students whether you're learning in school or at home.

To add an extra layer of fun, you'll also find resources for different seasons and holidays so you can have themed phonics fun any time of year.

Read on to find a ton of great ways to make learning phonics and working with words a blast for your students all while being effective!

I hope you found several phonics activities that you can incorporate in your teaching. Your students will be well on their way to mastering phonics skills and becoming fluent readers!