Editable Gingerbread Word Building Mats Free Printable

Turn up the fun with literacy and learning this holiday season with these editable gingerbread word building mats, perfect for word work!

Free printable gingerbread theme word building mats for students to read the word, write the word, and build the word with alphabet manipulatives.

Gingerbread Word Building Mats

These gingerbread man word building mats are super fun and engaging for your students. Plus, they are free! These word building mats are a great way for your students to practice working on words this holiday season.

Since they are editable, you can challenge your students with a variety of different words and ensure that they are working on the words that are just right for them and their needs. This allows you to adjust the level of difficulty for each student. Therefore, this word building activity will be perfect for your literacy centers, word work stations, small groups, and more!

As students complete this activity, they will have multiple opportunities to work with each word as they read, write, and build the word. They will be working their entire brain as they grow their literacy skills.

To use this Christmas gingerbread word activity, simply type in the words you want to use on the blank word cards on the 4th page of this free activity. Then, your word building mats will be ready to go! These mats can be used to work on CVC words, sight words, spelling words, holiday words, and more! These are perfect for students in grades kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Free editable gingerbread theme word work activity for sight words, CVC words, phonics skills, and spelling words this Christmas.

Fast and Easy Prep

The holidays are a busy time, so we made sure this activity is fast and easy to prep! Just type in the words you want to use on the blank word cards. Print and laminate the word cards and word building mats. You can also choose to slide the mats into write and wipe pockets. Store the word cards in zip-top baggies for easy grab-and-go access.

Gather a letter manipulative of your choice for students to use to build the word. Some options are magnetic letters, letter beads, letter tiles, letter snap cubes, etc. Each student will also need a dry-erase marker to write the word. That’s all you need and the activity is ready for students to use!

The gingerbread word building mats come in color AND black and white so you can use it even if you don’t have access to color printing.

To create new word cards, simply change out the words on the word cards. Tip: make a copy on your computer so you can save each list. After a holiday season of using this activity, you’ll save even more time next year with all of your word cards ready to go!

The variety of words you can use on the word cards will make the activity easy to differentiate for your students. You can also use this activity to practice any words your students are working on. Once they know the routine with these word building mats, it will be effortless for them to complete the activity with more challenging words.

Free printable gingerbread man word work mats.

Differentiating Holiday Word Work

Use these gingerbread man word building mats to differentiate the learning for your students. No matter what skill level they are at, you can make this activity developmentally appropriate for them. They will have a blast reading, building, and writing words that are the right fit for them.

Use these gingerbread word building mats for:

  • Morning work
  • Literacy centers
  • Word work station
  • Leveled, small group practice
  • Guided reading groups
  • Independent skill practice
  • Early finisher activities
  • Holiday centers
  • Assessments
  • Homework
  • At-home learning

Different types of words you can include on the word cards are:

  • Sight words
  • CVC words
  • CVCE words
  • Color words
  • Number words
  • Spelling words
  • Seasonal, holiday words
  • Vocabulary words

Setting up the Gingerbread Word Building Mats

Supplies needed:

  • Word building mats
  • Word cards
  • Letter tiles OR other letter manipulative
  • Write and wipe pockets
  • Dry-erase markers


  1. Type the words onto the blank cards on page 4.
  2. Print and laminate the word building mats and word cards.
  3. Cut the word cards apart.
  4. Slide the word building mats into write and wipe pockets (if using).
  5. Gather letter manipulatives.
  6. Store the word cards in a zip-top baggie.
  7. Store the letter manipulatives, word mats, and word cards in a large zip-top baggie, file folder, or colorful tray.
Free printable word work activity mats with a gingerbread theme.

Using the Word Work Mats

To use the gingerbread word building mats, students will draw a word card and place it in the top space on the mat where it says “Read it.” Then, they will read the word.

Next, they will build the word using the letter manipulative of your choice in the “Build it” box. You can also have your students choose their letter manipulative if you’d like.

Finally, the students will write the word using a dry-erase marker in the corresponding “Write it” space on the mat. 

Before moving on to the next word, they will erase their writing and discard the word card into the discard pile.

Free printable gingerbread man word building mats for your holiday literacy centers.

These Christmas-themed gingerbread word building mats will have your little learners engaged and learning all while having fun! With all of the different options for using these word work mats, your students will be growing their skills and taking on new challenges this holiday season!

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