Phonics Games for Kids Who Are Learning to Read

These free phonics games are going to make learning to read so much fun! If your students in kindergarten and first grade need some engaging practice with phonics skills, then these are perfect for you!


Get your students excited about learning to read while providing lots of effective reading practice. These phonics activities are just what you need to motivate and engage even the most reluctant learners!

Phonics Games

Learning to read can be a fun and engaging experience when you add phonics games to your plans. Students love the interactive, hands-on approach and you can feel good about all the learning that is happening.

Whether your students are beginning to read CVC words, have moved on to words with blends or digraphs or have advanced to words with vowel teams and beyond, these games will work for you.

From editable board games to bump games to four in a row games and more, you are sure to find phonics games that your students will enjoy!

All of the games are print and play or require very little prep, so you are going to save so much time.

Favorite Phonics Games for Kids

My kids had lots of fun playing this middle vowel phonics board game to practice isolating the middle vowel sound in CVC words.

They also enjoyed this blend words board game that provides practice with isolating blends in words.

Learning to read CVC words.

These CVC Search and Find Sheets are also a fun way for kids to practice reading and writing CVC words.

Editable Phonics Board Games

One of our most popular types of games are these editable board games. Since they are editable, you can type in any words you want. This means you can type in words to correspond with any phonics skill you are working on with your students.

Type in simple CVC words or words with blends and digraphs and so much more. You can even type in letters and have students say the sound the letter makes. They are very versatile and easy to differentiate. With a variety of themes available, you can use these all throughout the year!

The kids are going to have a blast learning how to read when you utilize these fun phonics board games!

Editable Phonics Bump Games

Bump games are also very popular with kids. They have simple rules that are easy to learn so kids can play with ease. I even put the instructions on each game board. This makes them perfect for centers or at-home practice with important phonics skills.

These phonics games are also editable so you can type in any words you want. With a variety of themes that can be used all throughout the year, you will be able to plan lots of reading practice for your students.

Editable Phonics Four in a Row Games

The kids are going to have so much fun playing these four in a row games! My own daughter played these all the time when she was learning how to read.

There are so many themes available and when you pair them with coordinating mini erasers or manipulatives, the engagement level soars!

Type in words or letters that correspond to any phonics skill you are working on and the game board auto-populates with the words you want to use.

This game also has strategy involved, so that increases the engagement even more!

I hope you found lots of fun phonics games that your students can play while learning how to read.

All of our new games will be added to this page as they become available, so keep visiting this page to see them.