Word Search CVC Worksheets Free Printable

Use these free printable word search CVC worksheets for kids to practice reading and writing CVC words in a fun and engaging way!

Free printable word search CVC worksheets for for learning to read and write CVC words in kindergarten and first grade.

Word Search CVC Worksheets

The kids are going to have a blast reading and writing CVC words when they use these search, find and trace CVC worksheets! They are perfect for emergent readers who are learning to decode CVC words.

This free printable pack comes with 10 worksheets (5 in color and 5 in black and white). I like to provide both versions to give everyone the best option for their classroom.

Each worksheet has 6 CVC words printed in a tracing font. Students will read the words and circle the corresponding picture. Once they find the picture in the search, they will trace the CVC word.

Add the worksheets to your literacy centers or use as an independent activity or early finisher task in kindergarten or first grade.

Free printable CVC worksheets for practice with reading CVC words and writing CVC words. Perfect for literacy centers in kindergarten and first grade.

Print and Play CVC Activity!

These printable CVC word search worksheets are so easy to prep! You will simply print them and use them! Can it get any easier?

Setting Up the CVC Word Search and Trace Free Printable

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Supplies Needed:

  • CVC word search worksheets (button to get them at the bottom of this post)
  • Write and wipe pockets
  • Dry-erase markers or a pencil
  • Mini erasers or counting cubes (optional)


  1. Print the worksheets.
  2. Slip into a write and wipe pocket or laminate, if desired.

If you would like to use the same worksheets again and again, you can print the color version and slip into write and wipe pockets.

Then students can use dry-erase markers to circle the pictures and trace the words. They can also use counting cubes or mini erasers to mark the pictures, if you want to change it up.

The black and white version, can be used just like a regular worksheet and students can use crayons to color on it and pencils to trace the words. Or you can slip it into write and wipe pockets and students can color with dry-erase markers and trace with them too.

Free printable CVC worksheets for kids to practice reading and writing CVC words.

How to Use the Worksheets

These free printable CVC word picture searches are so fun, and I think your students will love them!

Students will start by sounding out and reading the 6 CVC words at the bottom. Then students will look for pictures of those words.

If they are using the color version, they can circle the picture and then trace the CVC word. If they are using the black and white version, they will color the picture once they find it and then trace the CVC word.

CVC worksheets that come in color and black and white so you can send home for practice or use again and again.

Ideas for the Classroom

These picture word searches would be so beneficial for multiple levels of readers. Your beginning readers can practice putting sounds together and reading simple CVC words.

While more advanced readers can write their word choices on a recording sheet or with a dry-erase marker on a whiteboard. By writing their answers, they would be practicing sounding out the word and writing the correct matching letter and letter formations.

Even higher students could be asked to use their words in a sentence or think of rhyming words to match the words on their word searches.

These picture searches are super versatile and can be used to meet your instructional needs and the needs of your students developmentally. You can incorporate these into whole group lessons, small group lessons, literacy centers, and word work, or use them for independent practice, morning work, or reading warm-ups.

Fun CVC worksheets for kids in kindergarten and first grade. This word work activity is a fun way to learn to read and write CVC words.

Grab these picture CVC word searches for a simple and engaging activity for all the short vowels. They are non-themed, so they can be used year-round. Get your planner and favorite pen and add these to your lesson plans today!

Click the button below to get the CVC Worksheets. Happy learning!

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