Blend Words Free Printable Board Game for Kindergarten

This blend words board game will be a hit with the kids this year! They will love practicing their l, r, and s blends in a fun, engaging way!

Free printable blend words board game for literacy centers.

Blend Words Board Game

This free printable board game will be a great addition to your classroom resources! Your students will love playing these games while practicing their phonics skills. Learning to read words with blends takes a lot of practice and repetition.

The game is super simple to use and includes everything you need to play. The freebie has 3 game boards; one for each blend (l, r, and s). It, also, includes a printable dice or spinner for 2 types of play. Print and play; it is that easy!

Some children may not know the correct names of some of the objects. So feel free to go through and point out words that you think will be too difficult for your child to figure out.

I went through tons of clip art and tried to pick words that would be easy to understand from the picture shown. However, there are definitely still some that may be confusing if they don’t have prior knowledge of the word.

A free printable blend words board game pack for learning to isolate blends in words.

Super Simple!

This board game requires no work from you! The game boards are completed with colorful, kid-friendly pictures and organized by each blend option.

The printable dice and spinners are ready to print and correlate perfectly with the game boards. You will simply, cut it out and put it together. This freebie won’t take long to get ready to use!

The students will love playing this game and practicing their blend words. You can store the whole setup in a zippered bag for easy access all year.

Free printable consonant blend isolation board game for literacy centers.

Setting Up the Blend Words Board Game

Supplies Needed:

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  • Blend words board game, dice, and spinner printable (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Small manipulatives to use as game pieces
  • tape or glue (if using the die)
  • pencil and paperclip (if using the spinner)
  • scissors
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the game board and slide it into a write and wipe pocket for durability. You can also laminate them.
  2. Print the coordinating die or spinner
  3. If using the die, cut it out and fold along the dotted lines. Then, tape or glue the edges together to create a cube. If using the spinner, cut it out and use a pencil and paperclip for a spinner.
  4. Gather manipulatives for game pieces.
  5. Label and store in a baggie or file folder.
Free printable beginning blends board game for first grade and second grade literacy centers.

Playing the Blend Words Board Game

If using the die, students will roll the die and find the next picture that begins with that blend. Then, they move their piece to that game space and the next person rolls the die. Play continues until someone reaches the finish space.

If using the spinner, students will place the paperclip on the spinner mat and place a pencil in the middle. While holding the pencil still, the student will flick the paperclip to make it spin on the pencil. The student gets to move their game piece to the next picture that begins with the blend that the paperclip landed on. Play continues until someone reaches the finish space.

Beginning consonant blends board game for learning to isolate blends in words.

Differentiation Ideas

For more advanced students, you could provide them with a recording sheet and they could write the words for the spaces they landed on. They could also use those words in a sentence. Another option would be to have the students record the blends that they landed on instead of the whole word. This would be a simpler differentiation idea.

For struggling students, you could use a regular die and have them move that many spaces. Then, verbally tell you the blend that their picture starts with. This game board would work great for a literacy center, fast finishers, tutoring, and so much more!

I hope your students love playing this blend words board game and want to practice their reading skills all year long! They will have ball practicing their blends and you will know they are working on the areas they need help with.

Click the button below to get the blend words board game. Get playing!

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