Blend Words Matching Mats Free Printable

Check out these free blend words matching mats that will enhance your literacy activities with little prep work but are sure to engage your students!

Free printable blend words resource for teaching reading to kids in first grade and second grade.

Blend Words Mats

These matching mats are perfect to practice blends for your students. The words all have short vowels and have a blend either at the beginning or end of the words. They would be perfect for a pre k, kindergarten, or first-grade classroom; enhancing a literacy program or reading center.

The free printable comes with 2 picture mats that have 9 colorful, kid-friendly pictures each and 2 pages of word cards. The blends include: cr-, cl-, sw-, sl-, st-, dr-, fl-, pl-, -nt, -nd, -nk, -mp, -st, and -lk.

Free printable blends activity for teaching reading to kids in kindergarten, first grade or second grade.

So Easy To Prepare!

This resource will be ready to use in no time! Simply print, cut the word cards, and play. I would laminate for durability, if possible. If laminating isn’t possible, you could slide the picture mats into these wipe and write pockets for extended use. This word work resource will have your learners sounding out blend words in no time!

These mats come in color but you could print in black and white and let your students color them if you want! For easy storage, put the word cards in a small baggie and store the entire activity in a large baggie, file folder, or storage tray.

Free printable blends words activity for teaching reading.

Setting Up Your Blend Words Matching Mats

Supplies needed:

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  • Blend Words Matching picture mats and word cards
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)
  1. Print the Blend Words Matching Mats and word cards.
  2. Cut the word cards apart.
  3. Laminate or slide the picture mats into write and wipe pockets.
  4. Laminate the word cards (optional).
  5. Store the word cards in a small bag.
  6. Store the entire activity in a large baggie, file folder, or tray.
Free printable blend words phonics activity for teaching reading.

Using the Blend Words Mats

Each student will get a picture mat and a stack of word cards. The student will pick a word card and sound out the blend word. Once they have decoded the word, they will lay the word card on the matching picture. The student will try to cover the whole mat with the correct blend words.

You can challenge your students by having them tell you the picture, the blend, and make a sentence with that word in it. This takes the learning a step further.

If you have some struggling students, you could limit the number of word cards they have to complete or cut the picture mats into strips of 3 and have them only complete a strip at a time. You could also give them word cards with a certain blend they may be struggling with instead of the whole deck.

If students are working in partners, they can take turns matching the blend words and tell each other their word, blend, and sentence.

In a small instruction group, the students could all have different mats and the teacher could call out a blend. They would look to see if they have that picture, working to get a bingo!

Free printable blends activity for literacy centers and small group reading instruction.

These blend words matching mats will make the perfect addition to your classroom resources! Click the links if you are needing more blends and digraphs activities to beef up your literacy program! Happy learning!