Pumpkin Teen Numbers Bump Game Free Printable

Scoop up this free pumpkin teen numbers bump game and watch your students become pros at teen number identification and counting skills.

Free printable pumpkin teen numbers bump game for fall math centers.

Pumpkin Teen Numbers Bump Game

This pumpkin-themed math game will provide your students with the skills they need to be great math students. They will work on teen number recognition, counting, and number sense.

They will have fun learning and may ask for this game to play! The download comes with a game board and 3 sets of cards that show other ways to make numbers. They include ten frames, pumpkin seeds, and hundreds’ pieces.

You will need the printables and some linking cubes in your math center for your students to play this game.

Free printable pumpkin theme math game for learning numbers 11-19 during your pumpkin theme math centers.

Easy to Set Up

The pumpkin bump game is so easy to use and prepare! You will print the free download, then cut the playing cards apart, gather some linking cubes, and you are ready to go.

There is a color AND black and white option, so no need to worry if color printing isn’t an option. I would slide the game boards into a wipe and write pocket or laminate for durability, but this step is optional.

Pumpkin theme math bump game for practice with number recognition and counting while developing number sense.

Setting Up the Pumpkin Teen Numbers Bump Game

Supplies Needed:

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  • Pumpkin teen numbers bump board game (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Teen number cards that come in the file
  • Linking Cubes to use as game pieces
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)
  • Scissors


  1. Print the game board and slide it into a write and wipe pocket for durability. You can also laminate them.
  2. Print the accompanying cards. Cut them apart.
  3. Gather linking cubes (10 per player).
  4. Label and store in a baggie or file folder.
A free printable pumpkin theme math game for math centers, early finishers, small groups and more.

Playing the Bump Game

To start, the first player will draw a card and find the matching teen number. Then they will place a linking cube on that pumpkin.

The next person will draw a card and place one of their linking cubes on the pumpkin. If they land on a pumpkin with the other person’s cube there, they can bump it off. If the cube is their own color, then they can add another cube to freeze that pumpkin. A pumpkin with 2 cubes can’t be bumped. The first player to run out of cubes wins!

This game is easy to play, and students will catch on quickly. I have numerous other bump games that you can use for other subject areas. This will save time spent on giving directions and students learning how to play new games.

Pumpkin teen numbers math game game for fall math centers.

Using the Pumpkin Teen Numbers Bump Game

This bump game would make a great math center, small group activity, or early finisher’s game. The students will be improving their math skills and building the foundation for practicing addition and subtraction skills.

This activity can be used in various ways, from whole group instruction to differentiated small groups, mini-lessons, math centers, independent practice, and even learning at home. If you use guided math in your kindergarten classroom or first-grade classroom, this would be a great math station option during your rotations.

If you have a student that is ahead of the class, they could practice recording their answers on an empty ten-frame sheet. They could also practice putting the cards in order from smallest to largest or vice versa.

Need to make it simpler? No problem, you could limit the number of cards in the drawing deck to make the game simpler to play. The teacher could also cross out some of the teen numbers that the student doesn’t know yet. Maybe they are only ready to play with the numbers 11-15.

Also, encouraging your students to point and count out loud is a great tool. This way, they have a better chance at tracking the objects correctly and practicing one-to-one correspondence.

I hope you enjoy this pumpkin bump game! Your students will be math whizzes in no time and ready for much harder concepts!

Click the button below to get the pumpkin teen numbers bump game. Enjoy!

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