Super Fun Alphabet Beginning Sounds Clip Strips for Kids

Try these beginning sounds clip strips for extra practice with letter recognition and letter sounds. This fun phonics activity develops fine motor skills too!

Alphabet beginning sounds clip cards for learning letter recognition and letter sounds in kindergarten.

Beginning Sounds Clip Strips

Adding new items to your literacy centers is a great way to keep kids learning while they have fun! They will hardly know they are doing work while they practice fine motor skills and beginning sounds. Try these beginning sounds clip strips with your little ones.

This FREE activity comes with 26 clip strips! There is one for each letter of the alphabet. Beneath each letter are four images. The clips help students identify words that start with certain letters and those that don’t.

As students work, you will probably hear them isolating the first sounds to find the answer! As they become more proficient, they will be able to do it in their head. Either way, they will work on both their fine motor and letter sound skills.

Beginning sounds alphabet activity for practice with letters and letter sounds. Look at the letter at the top of the strip and clip the two pictures that start with that letter below.

Minimal Prep Work

The great thing about activities like this is that they require very minimal prep. All you have to do is print the cards, laminate and cut out the strips.

Then, provide students with the cards and clips, and they will be having fun in literacy centers in no time! If you don’t have clips, give the kids dry-erase markers to circle the correct answers. They can also use manipulatives to mark the sounds that match the pictures.

You can also slide a whole sheet into a write and wipe pocket and students can use dry-erase markers or manipulatives to mark the words with the correct beginning sound.

Beginning sounds alphabet activity for kids to learn letters and letter sounds in kindergarten.

How to Set Up the Clip Strips

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Supplies Needed:

  • Beginning Sounds Clip Strips (link to get them at the bottom of the post)
  • Cardstock or plain white paper
  • Laminating sheets
  • Clothespins
  • Scissors


  1. Print the beginning sounds clip strips. There are 4 strips on each page.
  2. Cut the strips.
  3. Laminate them if you wish! Then, cut around the border.
  4. Slide the strips, clothespins, or clips into a baggie or tray for easy storage and grab-and-go access.
Printable beginning sounds alphabet clip cards phonics activity for learning to isolate beginning letter sounds.

Why Do Kids Need to Practice First Sounds?

Practice with phoneme isolation helps students develop phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is important because it is critical to learning to read and spell.

Identifying the first sounds in words is the first step to reading and writing. Once students master the first sounds, you can add in ending sounds and, finally, medial sounds. If students aren’t able to recognize beginning sounds in words, they will find it difficult to read and write in those early years.

If kids need help, encourage them to say the names of the images out loud while they listen to the beginning sounds. Many students are auditory learners, so this will help them clip the correct pictures.

Alphabet beginning sounds phonics activity for developing phonemic awareness in kindergarten and first grade.

Differentiating the Beginning Sounds Clip Strips

You can pick and choose which letters you would like your students to work on each time. Limit them to a few letters at a time or all of them – the choice is yours!

If your students are already able to identify the first sounds in words, give them lined paper to practice writing the letters. Once they clip the correct choices on the strip, they can write the letter on the paper.

Add these activities to centers or fast-finisher stations for extra practice all year long!

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