Fall CVC Word Building Mats Free Printable

Working with CVC words is a huge step towards becoming a strong reader. These fall CVC word building mats are perfect for fall word work!

Free printable CVC building mats for fall theme literacy centers.

Fall CVC Word Building Mats

In the fall, students are feeling more confident in their letter names and sounds. They are beginning to sound out words and work with CVC short vowel words. Isolating the sounds in CVC words and blending them together are key literacy skills.

This fall CVC word building activity gives students the opportunity to work with a variety of different consonant vowel consonant words. They will practice building words with all of the short vowel sounds in a hands-on way.

As students are looking at the pictures on the CVC mats, they will use their phonemic awareness skills to determine the sounds in the word. Then, they will apply their phonics skills to find the correct letter tiles to build the word over top of the picture.

This CVC word activity is great for helping students apply their letter and sound knowledge as they decode, read, and spell CVC words.

This literacy activity can be used as a whole group activity to introduce this concept, during small groups, literacy centers, or even as a mini-lesson activity. Students can complete these fall CVC word building mats independently as well. This activity would serve as a great form of assessment, especially during leveled reading groups.

These fall CVC word building mats are perfect for students learning to read in kindergarten and first grade.

Free printable fall theme CVC word building mats for literacy centers in kindergarten and first grade.

Quick and Easy Prep

These fall-themed CVC word building mats are so quick and easy to get ready for your students. All you have to do is print and laminate! Instead of laminating, you can also slide the mats into write and wipe pockets for added durability.

There are 5 different CVC word family mats, each mat focusing on a different short vowel sound. Each mat has 6 pictures, giving students a lot of great practice working with each short vowel sound.

If you plan to use these mats for small groups or literacy centers, you can even print fewer mats, making prep faster!

All you need for this activity are a set of alphabet letter tiles, magnetic letters, letter beads, or any other alphabet manipulative you have.

For easy storage, place the CVC word building mats in a large baggie, file folder, or storage tray for easy grab-and-go access. When you are done with the mats for the season, simply store them with your seasonal activities so you can use them every fall!

Printable CVC word building mats that give students practice with isolating sounds and reinforcing phonemic awareness.

Setting Up The Fall CVC Word Building Mats

Supplies needed:

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  • Fall CVC word building mats
  • Alphabet letter tiles, letter beads, magnetic letters, or another letter manipulative
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the fall word building mats.
  2. Laminate or slide into write and wipe pockets.
  3. Gather letter tiles or letter manipulative of your choice.
  4. Store the entire activity in a large baggie, file folder, or storage tray.

Using the CVC Word Mats

To use this activity, students will look at the pictures on the fall word mat. They will say the name of the picture. Then, they will isolate the sounds in the word, blending them together to decode the word.

As they do this, they will use the letter tiles to build the CVC word over that picture on the mat. They will repeat this process for each picture on the word family mat until each picture is covered.

To extend the learning, students can say each word aloud, sounding out and blending the sounds to read the CVC word. Doing this out loud helps students learn in an auditory way. You can even challenge students to say a sentence using that word or to say a word that rhymes with that word.

Fall CVC word building mats.

Differentiated Fall CVC Word Building Activities

These fall word building mats are so versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use these to fit the needs in your schedule and lesson plans as well as the needs of your learners and their learning style.

Since there are 5 different mats, all focusing on a different short vowel sound, you can tailor the learning to meet your students’ skill level. If a student is struggling with a particular short vowel sound, they can work solely with that mat.

If they are still working on blending and decoding sounds, you can assign fewer mats for them to complete until they are more confident in their skills. For students who are rocking their reading skills, they can complete more mats, working up to all 5 mats!

Since there are 5 mats, you can easily have students complete 1 per day throughout the week. Once they know the structure of this activity, they will be set for the week! This would be a perfect literacy center or small group activity and would make lesson planning and prepping easy!

Extension Ideas With Fall Word Building Mats

These word building mats are a great complete activity, but they can also be used as a foundational activity that can be extended in many ways. Here are some different ways in which you can use these mats!

  • Turn all 5 mats face-down and have students draw a mat to complete.
  • Give students a recording sheet for them to write the words on after they build them on the mat.
  • Identify a rhyming word.
  • Identify the word family the word belongs to.
  • Play a game of bingo with the mats. Students will work to fill their board up and get a bingo! After they call bingo, have them read all of their words out loud.
  • Use with partners, taking turns building words to fill up the mat together.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to incorporate this activity into your fall-themed literacy lesson plans. Your students are going to strengthen their reading skills and have a lot of fun doing it!

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