CVC Short Vowel Sounds Clip Cards

Engage students with these free printable CVC short vowel sounds clip cards for practice with phonics skills and phonemic awareness.

Short vowel sound CVC clip cards for learning to segment phonemes and isolate phonemes during reading or phonics lessons in kindergarten or first grade.

Short Vowel Sounds Activity

This free phonics activity comes with 15 clip cards for practice with isolating short vowel sounds in CVC words while building fine motor skills. Add them to your literacy centers for lots of fun and learning all year long!

Kindergarten students spend a lot of time practicing CVC words because they are the foundation for reading. CVC words are easy to decode, follow the basic phonetic rules, and are usually included in the child’s vocabulary.

Your students will use their knowledge of letters and sounds to practice segmenting phonemes and isolating the middle short vowel sound in each word pictured.

The resource includes words like map, pen, lip, pot, and sun. There are words with all the short vowels for lots of reading practice.

CVC short vowel sounds task cards for your phonics or literacy centers. A fun phonemic awareness activity for kids.

Low Prep CVC Activity

This fun learning activity will be ready in no time with three easy steps! Print, cut, laminate, DONE! Don’t spend all your prep time creating CVC word activities when I have you covered.

Gather some clothespins or cute clips, and your students will be ready to practice in no time.

A phonemic awareness activity for learning to isolate phonemes and segment and blend sounds.

Setting Up the CVC Short Vowel Sounds Clip Cards

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Supplies Needed:

  • Short Vowel Sounds Clip Cards (button to get them at the bottom of this post)
  • Clothespins, clips, or paperclips
  • Scissors


  1. Print the cards.
  2. Laminate the cards.
  3. Cut the cards apart.
  4. Slide the cards and clothespins or clips into a baggie or tray for easy storage and grab-and-go access.
  • If you would like to ensure that the lamination doesn’t peel off of the clip cards, you may want to cut the cards apart, then laminate them, then cut them out again.

You can also slide a whole sheet of cards into a write and wipe pocket and use dry-erase markers to circle the correct choices. Students can even mark choices with mini erasers or snap cubes.

A hands-on phonemic awareness activity for learning to isolate short vowel sounds in CVC words.

Developing Phonemic Awareness

Students will pick a card and look at the large letter printed on the card. This letter represents the short vowel sound students are looking for in each word pictured on the card.

As they look at the picture choices, they will segment the sounds in each word and listen for the middle sound. If the middle sound in the word pictured matches the short vowel sound they are looking for on that card, they will clip or mark that picture. There are 3 correct choices on each card.

Make the cards self-checking by adding small dots or stickers to the back of the card to mark the correct choices. When students have made their choices, they can flip the card over to check if they were right.

They are perfect for kindergarten and first-grade students to practice independently, with a partner or in a small group.

CVC short vowel sounds clip cards for hands-on practice with phonics skills and phonemic awareness.

Easily Differentiate

These CVC word cards would be so beneficial for multiple levels of learners. Students who are just learning to segment phonemes and isolate sounds, can use these clip cards during small group instruction.

Students who have more practice with these skills can use the cards independently or with a partner during whole group instruction. Making the cards self-checking will also ensure students get feedback as they are using the cards independently.

CVC words task cards for learning to segment and blend sounds while practicing phoneme isolation.

More advanced readers can write their word choices on a recording sheet. By writing their answers, they would be practicing sounding out the word and writing the correct letter and letter formations.

These CVC clip cards are super versatile and can be used to meet your instructional needs and the needs of your students developmentally. You can incorporate these into whole group lessons, small group lessons, literacy centers, and word work, or use them for independent practice, morning work, or reading warm-ups.

Your kids will love these short vowel CVC clip cards to practice segmenting and isolating phonemes in a fun, hands-on way!

Click the button below to get the CVC short vowel sound clip cards. Enjoy!

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