Free Printable Beginning Digraph Clip Cards

Working on digraphs is going to be a blast for your kindergarten and first grade students with these free printable hands-on beginning digraph clip cards.

Free printable beginning digraphs clip cards for literacy centers in kindergarten, first grade or second grade.

Beginning Digraph Clip Cards

As students begin to grow as readers, they must master reading words with beginning blends and digraphs. These skills requires a lot of repetition and practice. These beginning digraphs clip cards are a fun way for your students to gain experience working with words with beginning digraphs. They are hands-on, engaging, and developmentally appropriate for students in kindergarten and first grade.

Students can clip their cards with either a clothespin or a paper clip, working on fine motor skills along the way. Add these clip cards to your word work station, literacy centers, or independent practice time to reinforce skills. These can be used all year long as well, making them very versatile.

Your students will work towards mastering their beginning digraphs as they look at the pictures on the clip cards and match the correct digraph to the picture on the card.

Free beginning digraphs clip cards for  isolating digraph sounds in words.

Setting Up The Beginning Digraph Clip Cards

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Print the cards. There are 4 cards per page.
  2. Laminate the cards or slide into write and wipe pockets.
  3. Cut the cards apart.
  4. Slide the cards and clothespins or clips into a baggie or tray for easy storage and grab and go access.
Free printable digraphs activity for teaching kids to read.

Practicing Beginning Digraphs

To begin using these beginning digraph clip cards, your students will choose a card from the deck. They will look at the picture and determine the beginning digraph that matches the picture word. Then, they will say the beginning digraph sound to clip the correct digraph using their fine motor muscles.

To make it extra fun, you can find colored clothespins for your students to use to clip the correct answer.

There are 20 cards included with beginning digraphs, each card with 3 different digraphs to choose from. There are 12 cards that focuses solely on the ch, sh, and th digraphs. The remaining 8 cards mix up the beginning digraphs of ch, sh, th, wh, ph, kn, and wr.

It’s a good idea to have your students say the word aloud to ensure they are pronouncing the digraph correctly as they say the word. You can also challenge your students to say a sentence using the word.

Your students can complete 1 clip card at a time and unclip before moving on or they can clip them all and check their answers at the end if they have enough clips.

Digraphs clip cards for identifying digraph sounds in words and developing fine motor skills at the same time.

Ideas for Differentiation

As a teacher, it’s important to give students multiple ways to learn and practice their skills at the level they’re at. Each student learns in a different way and at a different pace. Therefore, this clip card activity can be used in a variety of ways, from whole group practice to small group instruction, literacy centers, independent practice, morning work, early finishers, or even a fine motor station.

If you have students needing to work on a particular beginning digraph, you can assign only those clip cards. They can gain confidence with those sounds before moving on to the others. Additionally, you can challenge students to complete all of the clip cards if they are ready for that.

For students ready for a challenge, you can have them record the word using the beginning digraph on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. They can even write a sentence using the word to incorporate in writing skills.

This activity could even be added to a writing center where students practice the skill and then choose 1 word to write about in a sentence or short story.

There are so many ways to use these beginning digraphs clip cards with your students.

Free printable beginning digraphs reading activity for literacy centers, small groups or morning tubs.

I can’t wait for your students to practice with these beginning digraph clip cards. They’ll be mastering this skill in no time as they grow as readers.

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