Free Printable Ending Digraph Clip Cards

Make practicing the literacy skill of ending digraphs more fun for your students with these free printable ending digraph clip cards.

Free printable ending digraphs reading activity for literacy centers in kindergarten, first grade, or second grade.

Ending Digraph Clip Cards

As students progress through their reading journey, blends and digraphs come into play. Learning to read words with ending digraphs is a key skill in kindergarten and first grade. This requires a lot of practice and working with words that have ending digraph sounds. These ending digraph clip cards are hands-on and engaging for students and so easy for teachers to prep.

Students will clip the correct answer to select the ending digraph that matches the picture on the card. They can use either a clothespin or clip to complete this activity. If you can find the colorful clips, those make it even more fun!

Add this activity to your literacy lessons for either whole group, small groups, centers, or independent practice. The pictures on the clip cards are kid-friendly and can be used all year long.

Printable ending digraphs clip cards reading activity for students who are learning to read.

Setting Up The Ending Digraph Clip Cards

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Print the cards. There are 4 cards per page.
  2. Laminate the cards or slide into write and wipe pockets.
  3. Cut the cards apart.
  4. Slide the cards and clothespins or clips into a baggie or tray for easy storage and grab and go access.
Free printable digraph clip cards for teaching kids to read in kindergarten, first grade or second grade.

Working on Ending Digraphs

To use these ending digraph clip cards, your students will choose a picture clip card from the deck. They will look at the picture and determine the ending digraph sound that is included in the picture word. They’ll use process of elimination to determine which 1 is correct and which 2 are not. Then, they will say the ending digraph sound to clip the correct digraph using their fine motor muscles.

There are 16 cards included with ending digraphs, each card with 3 different digraphs to choose from. The ending digraphs included are th, ch, ck, and sh.

To help your students practice saying words with these ending digraphs, you can encourage them to say the words aloud when they have clipped the correct card. They can even use the word in a sentence to help build comprehension skills.

Your students can complete 1 clip card at a time and unclip before moving on or they can clip them all and check their answers at the end if they have enough clips.

Ending digraphs reading activity for literacy centers, small groups or morning work.

Different Ways to Use the Clip Cards

These ending digraph clip cards are super versatile and can be used to meet your instructional needs as well as the needs of your students developmentally. You can incorporate these into whole group lessons, small group lessons, literacy centers, word work, or use them for independent practice, morning work, literacy warm ups, or an early finisher activity.

If you have students that struggle with ending digraphs, you can adjust the number of clip cards assigned to make the learning experience better for them.

If you have students learning at a faster pace, you can assign more clip cards and challenge them to write the words either on a piece of paper or whiteboard after clipping. This is a great way to practice writing skills as well.

Your students will have multiple opportunities to work with these ending digraphs with these fun clip cards.

Digraph clip cards for learning to identify digraphs in words and develop fine motor skills at the same time.

I hope your students enjoying practicing their skills with these ending digraph clip cards. They’ll be reading and mastering this skill before you know it!

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